Man this day was almost as if it were a week in one day. Last night we had orientation for school that starts monday. YES WE OFICIALLY HAVE A FIRST GRADER IN THE HOUSE! She was not real happy about it at first. BUT then she saw her friends. She doesn’t like change. She was not happy that she was getting a new teacher. BUT, she was happy that she was with most of the same kids that she was with last year. Her boy was in there and her bestie Bailey was there. She was just not happy that she wasn’t sitting by either. even close to either. AND YOU KNOW at home she is very outgoing very wild child. BUT…. at school, SHE CLAMS UP and is not the same child. It takes her forever to come out. I AM HOPING since she knows all these children, it won’t be that way this year. It wasn’t that way last year because she knew her teacher and loved her so much. THe first year it was so hard for her. Last year was difficult with me being sick.
This year I am doing SO MUCH BETTER so I am hoping it wont be so bad. SO keep her in your prayers Monday if you would.
I took a photo of all her school supplies. We have to do the name label thing tonight. I am doing a scrapbook page tonight of what all it takes to put a kid in first grade in the year 2009. I thought it would be cool so when Bellas kids (oh man did I say that?) look back they can look through their lazerised lens gadget they use in that day and see the old fashioned things their mom used in that day haha.

One of the most important things they use.
This is a Christian School. They do alot of Memory verse work. They use the king James version. This is her special bible she got at her 5k Graduation. But it has her name embossed on it. so I will let her use it. We also will get her another one eventually.

OF COURSE she has to have the TINKERBELLE book bag.

Today has been full of grass mowing drama, kitty vs Dog drama, Bella got an all day play day with Eva and Kitty chased a squirrel up a tree and then got stuck there all day drama. So yeah… IT HAS BEEN EVENTFUL!
TO start with. Bella dressed herself. She has quite a fashion sense. So don’t hate. Appreciate ok? It kinda reminds me of some photos of when I was a kid. HEY AT LEAST HER BOOTS are on the right feet!!

here is a side view….

ughmm Yeah.. I just can’t say anything. She is my kid.

Johns lawn mower died… May it rest in peace. services will be held tomorrow. With a small bonfire after. Thank GOd for Bill across the Street (who also told us to keep the cat but we will talk about that in a minute) I am not sure if he felt sorry for us or if he was sick of lookin’ at the jungle in front of our house, or if Guido had been sending him S.O.S. signs for help because our grass had gotten so tall in the back yard and he felt sorry for him, but he let us (meaning John) borrow his lawn mower to cut the grass today. He also let us borrow his child (Eva Caroline)See photo below To entertain Bella for the day.
They play soooooo good together. They have not gotten to play as much this summer so it was good to hear them giggling and playing today.

They had alot of fun to say the least. (you should see my house.)

The Kitty got introduced to Guido and the back yard. It was rocky at first but got bettr. THEN… It discovered the squirells. IT took off after them and up the tree it went. We tried for hourssssss to get the kitty out of the tree.
but no.. there it was hanging and sitting and laying …

It was tense for a while there.

IT got a little comfy after a while.

FINALLY I CONVINCED IT to come down by leaving some cat food on the fence top.
Bella was so very happy. I was too because the mosquitos were getting bad and it was getting hot. John wouldn’t go out and do anything about it and Bella was upset.
The cat was an abandoned cat that showed up at Bill and Amys house (Eva Caroline’s) They had to go out of town and they said well if it was still there when they got back they would make it their cat… well.. Bella saw it and coaxed it over to make it OUR CAT. We tried to convince Bill YEAH THEY CAN HAVE IT BACK NOW THAT THEY ARE HOME!!!!
but… HE SAW THIS….

HE said nugh ugh suckaaaahh thats yo cat!! bwahaha.
and by the way… its a boy and its name is Harrison. so welcome home HARRY! Hope you and Guido get along cause YOU ARE NOT COMIN IN MY HOUSE!


6 thoughts on “A FULL SATURDAY whewww.

  1. Your day sounds busy like mine! I worked hard and hope to rest Sunday – which means clean my scrap space.Glad John could borrow a mower, and glad Bella could have a playdate. So, you really have a cat eh? Does John know hes a keeper yet? (LOL)Kyle was like Bella – believe me, as they go through the grades they start to "unclam" and really find themselves. The "early clammers" are usually well behaved kids. 😉

  2. School time is almost here! I am sure she'll do fine and have fun this year.I LOVE her boots – VERY cool!My condolences on the lawnmower. 😉 Bonfire, eh? Sounds good to me!Have a great rest of the weekend – hopefully with less drama.

  3. That has so been some of my days lately. Crazy busy!That picture of Belle and Harrison is adorable! I am just as much of a fan of Tinkerbell and am actually sitting here in my Tinkerbell pajamas right now! 🙂

  4. man she's growing so fast. bricks in her britches may work. lol!!! love the cute photo w/her friend and school. so glad i'm passed all that. sigh.

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