Her Boy Toy?!?!

I got some scrap time today. I let the sun go down before I could get all my photos taken though.

I got this one finished and photoed but the photo is not that great. I need to work on it a little more. Everything on it is Making Memories. (oh except the flower and the card stock)
From the Scrapbook Obsessions Kit.
Bella helped.. She started putting the little hearts on Brayden and I started removing them but it was taking the color off his shirt so I thought why not go with it. SO I took them and went off to the left and up the page as if when she opened the toy box she found him and all the hearts were escaping. Bella thought it was FABULOUS. We will see if she thinks so when she is 30.

The journaling says:
I can see it now, Things will be changing around here.
Security will be increasing, with bars on the windows,
more locks as well. haha Oh yeah a daily “Toy box check”
has been issued before lights out forever more! 😉

She doesn’t know it yet but he is also installing motion detectors,
video surveillance, and sticker bushes outside her windows also hahahahahaha.

Can’t be too careful with those baby girls huh?


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