January pages for Scrapbook Obsessions.

This month at Scrapbook Obsessions we had the caaaautest kit from my little bicycle.

January 2009 Kit
Little Yellow Bicycle Vita Bella Double Sided Patterned Papers
Tim Holtz Grungeboard Nature Alphabet & Shapes
Making Memories Paint
Little Yellow Bicycle Vita Bella Ribbons
BoBunny Buttons
Heidi Swapp Foam Stamp Diamond
Don’t miss out on the upcoming January 2009 kit by Pre-Ordering TODAY!

ITs about GOOOOONE so if you want it you Better HURRRY!

HEre is what I did with the kit!

I made THIS:
(forgive my layout photos… My computer crashed I got that virus from facebook and lost my photoshop cs3 and I cannot find my disk anywhereeee or my reg number so Im using picassa and well. I cant figure it out yet so My layouts are not looking as good with it so bear with me ok)

This was a gift for my neighbors David and Diane they do sooooooo much for us and they saw one of these that I had done a while back and she wanted one. sooooooo I had to do one fo rher for chrismtas. so. I made it without the photo of their house so when the weather gets pretty they can put their own photo on it.

*THE Canvas is not included in the kit.

THe journaling on this one reads:

Life is not always fair you see,
It can really break your heart.
Sometimes you will ge bumps and bruises,
you have your mama’s luck for that.
Keep a brave face forward and a tough sense
to get back up and try again. But,
if the tears come, and they will,
Don’t be afraid to shed them.
It’s ok to cry sometimes.
and Mama will cry with you!
It is hard to see in the photo but I used tiny pearl bling all the way across the top and bottom. I will try to get a better photo to put up of this.

Bella played Mary in the church play this paper was perfect to use I added stickles and some flowers to make it more girly and kinda go with I also stamped with heidi swapp harlequin stamps (included in the kit) with lavendar and peach inks in the back ground and used glimmer mist to make it sparkly to give it a more christmasy and vintage feel.

I had fun with this kit. I got some layouts done and a Christmas gift made. I have a few more I want to do.

I also want to show yall the NEWEST ADDITION TO THE JONES HOUSEHOLD!
Her name keeps changing. It started off as Mindy lou now it is Barbie after a horse Bella rode at the Fall festival….

MY BROTHER and SISTER IN LAW DID THIS TO US I MEAN GAVE THIS TO BELLA. 😉 SHE LOVESSSSSSSSSSSS IT. she talks to it constantly first thing she did this morning was run go see it it was ok. for those of you that dont know, this thing really moves it’s head around to the sound of her voice or the noise in the room, if you pet her she will wag her tail and whinney, when she gets on her she will make galloping sounds and bounce up and down, she really makes chomping noises like she is eating the carrot, she wiggles her ears and blinks her eyes when you talk to her. Its kinda freaky but amazingggg. SHe was flirting with Guido (our austrailian shepherd)through the window… Guido stares at it through the window wanting to know why that “dog” gets to be in the house. rofl. we splained to him it was not a real dog. but he aint buyin it. poor guido. I wish Bella wasnt allergic to guido so he could be an inside dog but… my child would be a big ol welp.
Im thankful for the horse actually Im thankful that she didnt get ROCKBAND for the Wii!!!!! (He threatened me I mean told me he was thinking of getting her that so yeah I was happy to see the horse instead SHOCKED to say the least but ya happy it wasnt drums… we already had a set a drums whens he was 2 but luckily she sat on them a couple weeks after she got them)
so anyway. Bella had AN AMAAAAAZINGGGGGGGG CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. Thank you again to EVERYONE> I will be working on Thank yous soon. I am trying desperatly to catch up on design team Projects and everything I have been sick most of the month of December and part of November so Im sooo behind.
these shots are still no fun but tolerable.
Hope you ahve a happy new year.


3 thoughts on “January pages for Scrapbook Obsessions.

  1. You weren’t joking when you said that pony was huge! It looks like she is loving it though. I love what you have made with the kit…but you never cease to amaze me with your talent.

  2. I love that pony! Wanted to get it for Gavin, but Hubby said he was too small, so you lucky lady having a sweet little girl! Guess what Evan got, that stupid dinosaur that screams it’s head off, burps and makes all kinds of awful noises! Along with weird looking Leggos that make aliens and of course Nascars! Nothing MeMe knows how to play with. I want the horse myself!!!! Sending you a your family Happy New Year Cheers from our home to yours! Praying that your year will be filled with GOOD HEALTH!!!!, Love, Peace and of course lots of creativity!!!! I love your LO’s and the one with Bella as Mary is Stunning! Wow, so glad I am not on facebook, no virus for me!!!!! So glad that we found one another my little southern friend. I would love to head out one day and stop by and give you a big ole hug! Stay WELL!

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