So hard to say goodbye to a dear friend

How do you put into words what is going on in your heart. How do you say goodbye to someone when you just are not ready to.

Beverly Todd was taken from us way too soon. December the 23 she had a brain bleed (aneurysm) and was taken to the hospital where she went into a coma and never returned. on December 24th after many prayers and dr efforts were made she was taken from life support. Her organs were donated as Beverly would have wanted done on December 25th. She is survived by her husband and 4 boys.
How do they deal with this? How do you begin to move on?

Beverly was an amazing person. She had an infectious laugh and sense of humor. She kept me cracking up. When I was diagnosed with M.S. at first she said omg nancy then she said “well girl you will do anything for me to come to the states wont you.” Again I cracked up!She never got to make that trip…
We talked about the differences between England and Alabama. I told her I would make her cornbread and she gagged at the thought, I would laugh and she would snarl at me.
these are the things I will remember about her.

NOT TO MENTION her AMAZING scrapbook skills. She started a blog with my dear friend Colette. Called Pen Pals. I am so very Thankful she did. It was a journaling challenge blog. NOW HER FAMILY HAS THOSE LAYOUTS. THOSE PRECIOUS WORDS forever. her thoughts on paper of what she felt in her heart and her dreams and feelings and things she wanted for them.

I hope the blog continues. I know she would have wanted it to.
Im at a loss for words right now. I just am still in shock. I have shed more tears in the last 24 hours than I thought I could and I still am. I fell so just full of tears for her children and her entire family. I will miss her. omg will I ever miss her. I knew something was up. I talked to Di she told me she had gotten an email and I told her I had a bad feeling because I had not heard from her. Also her blog had not been updated. She had not responded to emails and had not written me in a while which was unusual. Di said same thing. we both had that pit in your stomach feeling that we just knew she was gone. She talked with Adam and got confirmation it was true. But it still just doesnt seem real. I still cannot find the words to say goodbye to my dear friend. I know she will live on in her beautiful boys. she loved them soooo very very much. She loved her garden.

she loved scrapbooking. she loved her friends. she loved her family.
and we all loved her.

I find it fitting to put her layouts of the things she loved here. and her cards. she was on Di’s card sketch team… this was the last card she posted.

All of the pages and cards in todays post were made by Beverly.

I still can’t find the words… I don’t know what else I can say. I miss her. I will miss her forever. I will miss her scrapbooking her laughing and joking, her friendship her sharing. I am a better person for knowing her. I thank God for bringing her into my life. I don’t understand why he had to take her from everyone so soon… I guess the good lord needed some scrapping done up there…

I miss ya Bevvy!


14 thoughts on “So hard to say goodbye to a dear friend

  1. Beautiful tribute, Nancy. I am going to miss her too!! We were just getting to know each other and now she is gone. I received the email on the 24th and didn’t read it until the 25th when I returned home.My jaw dropped and I was in tears reading the email. I was in shock but didn’t want to believe it! But sadly, it is true and I will miss her lovely work.She was on my Scrap Addict DT as well she was starting on my Christmas Cards DT in Jan and she was so looking forward to that.Beverley’s family will need lots of prayers in the coming days and weeks.

  2. So very sad Nancy!!! What a wonderful tribute you did for your friend. Her poor family, and at the holidays even makes it worse! Thank you for sharing your memories with us of a very talented and wonderful friend~!

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