Check it out!

I have a couple of cool tutorials that will help you get your Christmas holiday Gifts made. HERE in newsletter. Check it out!

I have another article In We Scrap’s newsletter this month also.

I also want to issue a challenge to all of you. My friend Deb has it on her blog.
These are mini albums being made for children undergoing cancer treatments. IF everyone could make just one of these albums and send it to her. It would help alot of little kids going through a difficult time. for more information check it out HERE.


2 thoughts on “Check it out!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Cool shopping tutorial. I need to do that. I’m the nut holding up the aisle as I dig back through 100 coupons for the one I saw during the previous flip-through. Fun article! 🙂

  2. o Nancy ! It’s so sweet of you to think of making gifts ! If you still have time – over at the Bad Girls’ Kits forum – they shared 22 little classes of things to make – from home decor to albums – I managed to make at least 9 gifts – some of them I’ve posted on my blog if you wanna have a look . hugs !

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