Hurry up and Wait…

So far we are still in watch mode. Neighbors car alarm went off and scared the beejeebers out of me. so thought I would come check the weather. It is still iffy.. the way these things kick back right. Praying it will lose its strength and fizzle (One can hope and dream huh?) I spoke with my cousin Angela, They weren’t sure where they were going yet. I told her to be sure and keep in touch so we knew where she was at. Still can’t find my hand held battery operated tv, I KNOW its here. I had all our storm stuff together in a box (platic tote) Then I got sick. Few days ago I open the box.. there are 4 c batteries and half a flashlight and some fruitloops loose in the bottom of it… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder who could have been in THAT BOX?
Anyway after the search we found enough that every one will have one and we have the big one. We have a battery operated lantern also (better to scrap by if it would even be a possibility again, one can hope!)Today will be a busy day of preparation. Depending on the rain that is sup to be here before hand I dunno if Bella is gonna get to go play on the water slide with Brayden again tomorrow or not. Will have to just wait and see. It worked out good because she was creating more mess faster than I could get things cleaned up. VERY FRUSTRATING.
I tried to get her to do it as a game and help me but ughm NO.
SOOOO I finally asked her if we had to evacuate what were her 3 most very special things she had to take with her, one was her big teddy bear, her Hannah Montana guitar (god forbid we have to bring that I think it needs to stay!)The last one she said she would have to think about because she couldnt decide she kept changing it every 5 minutes. so that kinda kept her occupied so I could get some things figured out. Get my photos backed up and things..
So John has an air card and if it is possible I will try to give updates. IM PRAYING this is nothing like katrina and we keep power. We have sooo many evacuees I know they are all worried and terrified. That would be just one more inconvenience for them. Well for everyone.
I hope if you are in the path that you will make good decisions and stay safe.
ps. I copied the photo off the site HERE: but I wanted you to see what we were looking at real time and for a future scrapbook page in Bellas album

So what Three things (not counting clothes and food or pets or family or essentials we know you have to have ya meds and stuff hehe fun stuff extra stuff?
What would you bring?

**EDITED TO LET family and friends that cares to know That my Aunt and cousin are evacuating to Dallas, Texas. (phew I was so worried about them driving in this mess!)


3 thoughts on “Hurry up and Wait…

  1. This is so scary! I am watching the news this morning and my heart breaks for all of those having to evacuate! My hope is that your family will be safe! You are in our prayers, Nancy!

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