IT is no secret. THERE IS A HURRICANE A COMIN!! OH my word everyone is freakin out already. I on the other hand am unbelievably calm. Maybe it is because IT ISNT IN THE GULF YET! so we don’t really know what it is gonna do. SO far their best guess is it is going to make landfall in west Louisiana. Praying hard for those lousiana folks. THey need a break. BUT DONT SEND IT HERE PLEASE!

IF you would like to follow along with us. Here is a really cool hurricane tracker that updates itself constantly.

We are being cautious. John did fill all of our gas cans, make sure our plywood would still work,cranked the generator, we got a window unit a/c, got more batteries and replaced a couple flashlights. He got a new propane tank for the grill (yall know we do some good eatin’ during a hurricane!) John and Bella paid our monthly dues at Wal mart. You know if there is going to be a storm YOU HAVE to go get water and food that is like some kinda law isn’t it? We are getting all my meds filled (they are delivering a new month of these lovely injections today) Is kinda handy that they come in these neat little small coolers with re freezable ice thingys.

So I think we are ready to batten down the hatches and hunker down. We will keep a steady eye on it.

Everyone be sure you have your supplies you need ready even if this one doesn’t hit.. Hurricane season is not over until November.
Everyone STAY SAFE!


13 thoughts on “GO AWAY GUSTAV!!

  1. Oh dear, I so hope that this one does not head your way! I don’t want it to head anywhere, except out to sea!!!! Sounds like you are ready, but I hope you don’t need to use any of your supplis. We will keep all of you in our prayers!

  2. Such a long season, Nancy, But I am holding my thumb ( the Swedish equivalent of crossing the fingers) that everything will be ok for you and no loss of internet…in the interim, will you make me guardian of the scrapbook palace? Jus’ askin…(*grins*) Gina

  3. Good Luck, much sympathy fromus here in florida but I have to say, I’m glad it’s projected to go west and not east. It’s a rather intense storm…

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog-I browsed your other blog too-love your work 🙂 I hope that the hurricane does not go your way (or anyone’s way) I have never had to worry about that, here in Ohio, thank goodness. look forward to visiting with you again !

  5. I’m thinking of you girl….ya’ll stay safe…are you sure Jan don’t need to come get ya’ll…or maybe me!!! They just said on the news that we here in Tennessee are expecting lots of the evacuatees…Keeping the whole gulf coast in my prayers….

  6. WEll, I wonder how you’re doing right about now. I hope it passes you by, for that matter I hope it passes everyone by! Here in Missouri I LOVE a good storm, but the word takes on a whole new meaning when it’ in the same sentence as Florida or the Gulf. Stay dry, girl I hope all is well with you!

  7. Barbque?? MMMMM! What are ya cookin? Maybe I can make it before Gustav does!LOL!Hey you’re almost a buckethead on 2peas ya know! Go praise in the gallery and you’ll finally get the new title!!

  8. O Man , Nancy ! Trusting that you & yours are all safe & sound during this stormy period ! Bummer ! I managed to try out the MM Noteworthy template mini album – with some travel themed books – http://maisymary.blogspot.com/2008/08/mini-album-weekend-mania-using-mm.htmlGosh the worst thing I have survived weather wise were really bad floods as a kid ! where we simply had to evacuate to farther drier grounds !!!! I didnt take anything noteworthy then – now ? it would all be gadgets but they would run out of power too quickly ! lol

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