Im still alive …. sorta

This is a very short post to tell yall I am still alive… The injections are going… well they are going. The actual shot isnt to bad its the after effects. I am just dragging trying to do this post. Amazing I felt better BEFORE I started this. I KNOW they are for long term stuff to keep my brain from looking as much like swiss cheese. Sometimes I wonder if It is worth it to just take the time you have and have fun with it instead of making your time longer and feel like crapp the entire time.. who knows. NOT LIKE IM GONNA DIE so dont even get your drawers knotted.
Just how long I can do some of the dubious tasks for myself instead of requiring help.
Bella has an ear infection and A red red throat. some leftovers from strep. I have to stay away from her which is hard when your baby is sick. she wants mama but then again she would ask for the pope if it would get her out of taking this nasty medicine. I dont blame her I tasted it and I agree with her its just gross.

Too bad health care cant be fun and make things taste good and be all sunshine and bunnies. Truth is .. its not. I havent scrapbooked since well.. I dont remember I started that mini album with the photos of Bellas trip to the beach and it is still sitting there waiting on me not to be so nauseaus and come embellish and journal it. I figure in about 4 to 6 weeks (according to the dr) I will be used to this poison I mean medicine I have to shoot into my body 3 times a week and not be hurling my guts out. yeah sorry thanks for the visual huh? Just be happy john didnt take a picture for the scrapbook..


9 thoughts on “Im still alive …. sorta

  1. Nancy, you are my hero! No matter how bad things get, your sense of humor is always there! Keep your glass half full-love! You are my inspiration!!!(((HUGS)))

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