I got happy mail today!!

I got the book in the mail today! So if you seee it in a store soon by you, buy it, then look on page 81! That is my nephew Adam! HEY ADAM! I know he thought this page was never gonna be in print. surprise. Thank you so much to Wendy McKeehan and Kitty Foster for using my page.

I got some cute cute photos the other day of some Wee Wii players. Check out Eva Caroline under Bellas tootalege :

They were playing Wii Bowling which Bella is TOTALLY DOMINATING us all in.
She and daddy have been playing Wii sports EVERY NIGHT. I always know when I hear Bella’s wheheww I WONNNN I WONNNNNnnnn I BEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAT YOU I WONNNNNN I DID ITTT I BEAT YOUUU NA NA NA NA naaanaaaaaaaaaaaaa NA! in her cute little sing songy voice.
I need to teach her how to be a happy winner I guess. SHe just needs to be a little more open when she wins and a little more happy about it (insert that ROLLING EYES smiley here)
I will be right back she just informed me “SHE WASN’T DOIN NUFFIN SHE WASN’T POSED TO BE!” WITH HER ALL INNOCENT FACE…. I better go check this one out.

She said she wasn’t in my closet tryin’ on my shoes. “She was just borrowin them for a little while then she will puts em all backed.” Im thinking she will be doing that NOW!

My mom just called me with some sad news. My Aunt Norene is in the hospital. She is 90(?) ish years old I can’t remember her exact age but she is in the hospital, she has some blockage and shingles. They are doing surgery on her today. SO please keep her in your prayers.


14 thoughts on “FABULOUS!!!

  1. No wonder they published this — it is FABULOUS!!! My kids are addicted to the wii too! My son was in tears last night b/c I whipped his butt at some barnyard race. LOL! Then he proceeded to beat me at skeet shooting and pool!

  2. Congrats on the published LO. I will keep my eye out for the magazine. The LO is so adorable. I love the photos of Bella and the WII. We have a WEE WII player at home too. He is only 5 and beats me at every game. Hope you are feeling well. Have a great week!

  3. FABULOUS!!! is RIGHT!! This page totally rocks, girl! So darn cute .. and it looks good in PRINT! You’ve got to be sooo proud! You can be sure that I’ll be tellin’ everyone I know that “I know this gal … she sends me really funny stuff via email!!” heheheheBella looks like she could give ME a few lessons on the Wii! But, I’m not sure I’d be too happy gettin’ my butt kicked by a 5 year old!! bbwwaahahahaha oh wait. I already do!!! heheheheSayin’ a prayer … and you can be sure I’ll be on the look out for the mag! Hugs!

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