My sweet friend Leslie Tagged me. SO Here are my answers.

1) 10 years ago……

I was 28 and marrying the love of my life.

2) 5 things on today’s “to do” list….

1.Stay cool so no yucky “hugs” happen (why do they call them hugs they feel nothing like a hug)
2.Finish an article
3.Attempt to clean this scrap room.
4.Help John with supper
5.read number 1 again.

3) Snacks I enjoy….

Junkfood of any kind. I know bad bad bad but I do like it. I eat dry cereal alot, and grapes, and animal crackers.

4) Things I would do if i was a millionaire:

-Give back to the church most definitly.
-Give money to Bella’s school so that kids that their parents are having a rough time can still go and have uniforms etc.
-Buy Johns parents a house and car and whatever they wanted. My mom the same thing.
-Take both of our familys on dream vacations, shopping givimg them whatever they wanted or needed.
-Tell John to quit his Job and let him Play golf every day.
-Take John and Bella on a dream Vacation
-Donate to MS and Lupus research
-Pay for Bella to go to the best schools/ college ever
-GO to Europe or one of those places that have more progressed treatments for both.
-Go on one helluva shopping trip
-Probly have a biiiigggg scrapbook room that all my friends could come scrap with me in.

5) Places I have lived:

Mobile Alabama
Brandon, Mississippi

NOW I have to tag 5 people: hehe. Why is everyone ducking for cover? ok ok ok I TAG, Jan, colette, Aubree,Michelle (since they just got blogs I have to tag them hehe Break them in right) and Greta.

Nothing much going on around here today. Just sorting and trying to re get my scraproom organized so I can find stuff. Tryin to stay cool in this heat. Hope you are having a wonderful day today.
Im missin’ my Bella bug. SHe will be home on Tuesday. Can’t wait to hear all the fun things she did at Aunt Liz’s.


4 thoughts on “TAG IM IT.

  1. I just knew i SHOULDN’T have ket you know i made a blog! LOL! Ok, gotta go do this now instead of laundry, I suppose. How can I disappoint my friend, Nancy?

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