OH the things you can find on the internet….

So I was havin’ a three way last night.. PHONE CALL (get your mind out of the gutter GEEEZ there are children present!!!) and we learned some very valuable information. IN this day and age where money is tight and people are having staycations instead of vacations. Gas is costing you a kabillion dollars. We talked to this lady online that told us about a hobby of hers. ITs called CORNHOLE. At first I thought DO I REALLLLY wanna know what this is about? THen she continued. I was completely intrigued wanting to know what this was all about. The next couple hours were spent doubled over in laughter with tears running down my face. Being that I am well… leaning more toward the redneck side of life than say the more elegant (I know your surprised by this tidbit of knowledge) YOU KNOW I JUMPED ALLLLL OVER THIS ONE. THose of you that know my warped sense of humor.. yeah I know what you are thinkin’
Well it seems this is a sport, they have leagues, teams, tournaments, and an association for cornholing. THEY EVEN HAVE A MOVIE IN PRODUCTION PHASE RIGHT NOW! (yeah that blew my mind)

They have bumper stickers and t shirts, caps and well of course BEER HUGGIES! (I am keepin this link on the back burner for Bella when she is about 15 and rolls her eyes and won’t mind, what? YOU KNOW ITS GONNA HAPPEN! SHE IS MY KID! I am sooo gettin this bumper sticker and t shirt and driving up to her school and layin down on the horn going “HEY HONEY HURRY UP! WE ARE LATE FOR A CORNHOLE TOURNEY!” Can you imagine.. yes This purchase must be made)
So anyway. Cornhole is the sport where like horse shoes or washers that, you have a board with a hole in it that is propped up on 2 sticks (the board has to be regulation size with the hole regulation size.. they get super technical here!!) and you stand so many feet away and take a little bag that resembles a bean bag yet it is filled with CORN and you throw it through the hole in the board. sounds simple. WELL, IT has obviously taken over by storm. There are professional cornholers out there. I did a search on this and SOOOOOOOO many websites came up I coudln’t believe my eyes. My friend I was on the phone with looked on E bay. YOU CAN GET THESE BOARD SPECIALIZED with your own favorite sport team (<~~~ That one is for my cousin I found it special just for her! hehe) or your favorite driver of nascar or other specialty sport. You can get your favorite bevarage logo plastered on your cornhole board even! These go for up and over A HUNDRED DOLLARS! YES I said it people. UP AND OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS (and YALL MADE FUN OF MY SCRAPBOOKING! not so bad now is it!) They have a king and a queen of cornhole.
NOW I KNOW I shouldn’t poke fun, I am part of the scrapbooking world and people do not understand my love for it.They don’t understand my need for pretty papers and embellishments so I can plaster my kids face on it and try to make a memory for her later in life she is probly gonna let collect dust. (this aint just for her ya know it helps me deal with all this crapp I got to deal with also) It is something I love to do and pass my time as well as I do an ok job with. I get lucky and get published occasionally..yeah sometimes they give me money and free product to do so! so I guess that would equal out to being the said cornhole champion maybe? or winning some king of the cornhole or queen even?
Oh Oh what if maybe, you could sell space on your cornholer board for sponsorship, wear the company that grew the corn or painted the boards logo on your official cornholer shirt. HEY we scrapbookers get on design teams so we can afford our obsession with it so IM SURE since this equipment is not cheap these people have to do something to support this habit!
I say this is a lifechanging sport because ughmm IT says so in the TESTIMONIALS on this page. I KID YOU NOT PEOPLE. OK I have my flame retardent britches on cuz I am sure someone is gonna jump on me and say HEY DONT KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRIED IT. I am sure there is someone out there reading today that is a closet corn holer, Or maybe you are THE cornhole champion of your county. Come on out and tell us about this much loved sport.
Hmmm not laughing? YOU STILL don’t get the humor in this? Ok, well maybe its because I live in Mobile Alabama and tend to have alot of redneck people around me that I can just see the total fascination with this. (yet Alabama is not one of the states that they have a sector for on themessage board forums as a cornhole playin state!) Maybe if you could think of them having it as an olympic sport with say… Jeff foxworthy and the blue collar comedy crew for a team…. just climb in my imagination for a few minutes with me here. Yeah crowded in there aint it?
You could see why the tears were rolling down my face in laughter. I can just see the good ol boys lining up now to get their tickets for the cornholing tourney. You can see the girls all daydreaming about being the cornhole queen.
THIS my friends is entertainment that I thought would be cheap, but no! for the price of 124.99 You can own your VERY OWN painted regulation cornhole board and set of WATERPROOF bags to toss. (so that sudden thunderstorm or say tornado or hurricane doesn’t interrupt your play time… or the occasional spilled drink? Hey we are talkin redneck sport here)
OK OK OK I will lay off pokin at the redneck humor for today.. but my point in all of this is to say. IF YOU LOOOK, THERE is something for everyone. THERE is a hobby that everyone can enjoy out there somewhere. Ya just have to find what works for you.
Its about to start raining. Im gonna go set me out some corn seed… When ya have a plan ya better jump on it! Im fiddna grow me some corn! I think we need to put Bama on the map with some cornholin!! WHEHHEWW!


8 thoughts on “OH the things you can find on the internet….

  1. Girl – You know I love your sense of humor and downhome honesty. BUT! There’s a strong over-my-dead-body streak that will not let me gather the whole Americe Cornhole Association into a group hug.I’ll cop to you providing me with a terrible snicker and something I have to show the neighbors!

  2. 🙂 we just played a couple weekends ago hahahaha, i suck at it but my brother and his girlfriend get REAL serious over it (as in arguing when she makes more 3 pointers than he does)…and watch out for rain and cornhole, my lil brother’s buddy bought hisself a brand new set a’ cornhole bags and they got a might bit wet…within a couple days his bag was bustin sprouts! (yeah that sounded about as bad as the name cornhole huh?)I grew up in tennessee and indiana (on the ohio border) and cornhole is HUGE in indiana…guess hillbilly horseshoes wasn’t good ’nuff for those high falootin’ hoosiers they had to come up with their own game ;)….lol and anyone who could get their britches in a wad over you giggling at cornhole…*giggles* tell them to blow it out their cornhole 😉

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