IT’s monday again?

Didn’t we just have one of these? you know, Mondays??? Well I guess it really is a good thing to have another one. we had an eventful weekend with all the glamour and excitement of a hmmm tryin to think of a word to describe it. It was kinda blah, then scary, then mouth dropping then hysterical, then just everyone fall down and try to regroup. I would say it reminds me of a movie. Parts of it seemed to play in slow motion..

It started off kinda nothing going on typical nuther day in my life. Then I started getting this really weird feeling. Like someone came up to me and hugged me REALLY TIGHT and didn’t let go. Kinda like a relative you haven’t seen in a long time when your a kid that hugs too tight? (you all had one just go on and admit it!)
IT is like your ribs are pushing all your guts upward. you cant swallow breathe a deep breath.. really weird feeling. at first thought oh its asthmaish so hit the inahler.. nothing.. ok this is starting to get scary. so anyway long story short. we found out.. its this crazy thing with MS. where the bands on your spinal cord that are effected by where ever your lesions are (obviously mine were around the abdomen lungish all your center guttage department) Your muscles will just spasm and try to choke the crapp out of you.
pretty much sums it up. so that happened on and off all weekend. but AFTER we found out how to handle it, it wasnt so bad. just aggravating and kinda painful.

Bella had gone to play with Brayden for about an hour or so (see photos my bud Tara took for me) While John worked on the Air conditioner,

(cutting back limbs and cleaning the outside part THEN, when she got home. Eva Caroline was outside so She went to play with her. so SHE PLAYED all day Saturday.
John cleaned the house and helped me get a bath (yeah I bathed, on a saturday even)and get dressed.

Tara and Gregg were bringing Braydan and gonna come over for dinner, kinda impromptu, dont wear your good clothes kinda thing. Just you know have fun and kick back talk about something that doesn’t involve a cartoon character. BUT, I STILL was all grungy and had been sweating having those freakish spasms. Im sure they would have thanked me if they had seen me earlier in the day.
We rounded up Bella and hosed her off. HOW she can get that dirty so fast. BUT, she had SOOOO much fun. She got to play with her two very best friends she said (Eva and Braydan) so it was “THE BEST DAY EVERRRRR”
ALSO MY FRIEND TRINA (HEY TRINA) brought me my close to my heart stamps. She is so funny I just love her. SHe has to come back and scrapbook with me sometime. SHe is so much fun and is a breath of fresh air.

John cooked some FANTABOOOLUS ribs and sausage and hamburgers and stuff on the grill.
Bella and Braydan played some more.They did puppet shows with Bellas barbies and also a HULA show for us (OMG SHE IS GONNA KILL ME FOR SHOWING THESE) Im sooo gonna have to pay for this childs Plane tickets to be on the Dr. Phil show later in life for this.

BUT LOOK HOW FREAKIN CUTE THEY AREEEE! WE told him that boys wear those too. THE FIRE DANCERS. THen I thougth about what I said. I JUST TOLD a 5 year old. HE WAS A FIRE DANCER. NOT GOOD. SO we need to watch them around flames for a while.
Bella, That child I tell you when her head hit the pillow I think she was out cold.

Sunday we vegged. I attempted to work on this Happy album some more by bo bunny. And I keep having these blame spasms. So Im hoping today… I can do that. I so have stuff piling up over here. I have so many photos I want and need to scrap but its hard when your guts are in your throat. So HoPING today… maybe.
so that was our ohhh ahhhh weekend and NO I DIDNT change the names to protect the innocent. sorry. Ill just have to help them with therapy. (Ill bring my scrapbooks too so we can just get allll of it out of the way at one time!)

I added this after I saw that the lady that I had asked you all to pray for but I wouldn’t release her name, put on her blog about her having breast cancer. So I will tell you who it is. I wanted to respect her privacy, but, knew she needed prayers. Her name is Latonya and she is an amazing Friend,scrapbooker, just overall person in general. I will give you a link and please give her some encouragement and prayers. LATONYA’S BLOG


4 thoughts on “IT’s monday again?

  1. You are just the best mommy Nancy…bella is a very lucky little girl to have parents like you and John…The pics are so cute and I love the hula girl and her fire dancing friend…I’m thinking of ya girl…Hope you have a good week…Patti

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