a page and just life stuff…

I actually did a page yesterday whooohoooo! It is another blingy page for the scrap your crap challenge.OK OK so I cheated a little bit and didnt use OLD stuff on it. BUT it is stuff I have and I JUST HADDDD to use… doesnt that count???
THis is the Basic grey Sugar line.I used the paper, the rub ons, the buttons all from that line. I used a BUNCH OF bling babeey. I used stickles. I used those cute basic grey sweet font chipboard letters. ( ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE YUMMMMM) I used the Bazzill paper flowers and cut them in half and layered them with a basic grey button on top with some sweet little offray ribbon in the button. Everything on the page you can get from Treasures to scrap except the wooden number 4. I got that from A Scrappin friendsy. I just love those little wooden numbers. Ms Jo always has them. I try to put something on my pages to remind me how old she is on the page. ESPECIALLY if I don’t do journaling on it. I want to make sure I have it in her right album but also, it gets confusing after a while how old they are!!
The weather is all yuck today,I am becoming a human barometer also.. its freaky. When it is going to rain my hands will swell up and look awful.. IM glad it waited till later in the day to start all that mess so I could get a page done. NOW I need to work on my next challenge.Hopefully this new medicine will help me to do just that!
It feels good to scrap again.
Bella has had the most awful croaky cough. We had been giving her just Over the counter medicine and omgosh it made that child GROW horns and a tail yesterday. We literally fought with her all day long till, well even after she went to bed. I had to keep reminding myself she doesnt feel good. Bless her heart she was so pitiful. She finally stopped the croaky cough into the night.
If she has fever today SHE IS GOIN’ TO THE DR, No matter what.
We did have to have the air conditioner fella come yesterday. The starter on it would just wind and wind and never start. oh man that thing needed replaceing. THey cleaned all kinda ewww out of it and even found some D batteries in there…. rofl (no couldnt have been Bella I asked he said no way she could have gotten in there where this was) IT was amazing all the stuff he did man it was purrin like a kitten last night. actually got cold and had to turn it back. He loaded it back up with freon he said that ws about gone too.
SO If you live down here and you KNOW how hot it gets.. YOu might wanna have your a/c looked at before much longer. Just a piece of advice for ya.
Well hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I can get some things done today.
This new medicine has really helped. WHERE HAS THIS STUFF BEEN. It doesnt knock me out or make me wanna drive trucks through stores or anything. It works kinda the same way the other did so we are just gonna monitor but.. hopefully wont make me wacked out nuts like that lyrica did. I know it helps alot of people and all. IT just didnt work for ME.
Here is hoping you have a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “a page and just life stuff…

  1. I dont submit to bg gallery anymore. My stuff kept showin up in ebay ads and at other places without my permission grrrr or any acknowledgement that I even made the pages, it is pure hell trying to make the offender take it down. BG was very nice about it and did alot to help me with it. But still. The person admitted that is where she got it from. off their site. so ughmmbeware,

  2. Layout is awesome Nancy…I’m so glad the meds seem to be working..just hang in their girl..our weather in Tennessee has been weird too..It was jacket cool today and yesterday but suppose to be better tomorrow…have a great weekend and hope Bella is feeling better!!!

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