Some pages and some plans.

I did some Scrappin’ whehew!
I got the glimmer mist in this months kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. Omgosh that stuff is sooo much fun! I sprayed it on the flowers on this layout, as well as on the chipboard letters. IT was a very cool effect. The scan didnt come out good since the layout was lumpy but.. I didnt get to go outside and photo it today.

This I got this month from Treasures to Scrap. This is the Love Elsie Claire paper, and I used the KI LACE cardstock called hearts blushing. It was very fun to work with. She has it for 1.29 a sheet where everyone else has it for 2 bucks plus!!! Yeah I like scrapping but ughmm we got bills to pay so I like to get it cheaper If I can.
Yall know I love that Basic grey font Wilma. I used stickles glitter glue to make it blingy. Yeah she sales that for $1.29 a bottle. Compared to 2.29 other places. SOoooooooooo If your looking for the Love Elsie and Ki lace papers be sure and Check out Treasures to Scrap store. She has everything Cheaper than most places!! 35% cheaper. She just got in all the Fancy pants papers too. ALso I know Animal Crackers from Making memories is on its way too. It should be here this week along with some other cool stuff! That is the CUTEST paper. Have you seen it? OH just wait it is adorable!

I LOVE LOVE this picture of Miss Bella. SHe looks just like her little mischievious self there. ALthough she did need a hair cut in a BAD WAY!!

Bella has been Playing away with her presents she got for her birthday.
She made her own Thank you cards with her new Cuttlekids diecutter that grandma got her. She was so cute making those cards.

Did you watch American Idol tonight? David Cook was rockin the joint! I loved that jacket he had on.. SaNNAZZZY! We have settled in watching Deadliest catch now. OUR OTHER FAVORITE show evah! That show is so addicting! I never though that crab fishing woudl catch my interest but it sure has!
National Scrapbook say is coming up this weekend. WHat are you plans? ARe you scrapping away at a LSS or an ONLINE store? tell me tell me I wanna know what your gonna do. I am probably gonna be glued to my scrap room finishing a special project I am working on. Bellas 4K graduation is NEXT THURSDAY (AHHHHHHHHHHHH!) SO I have got to get this finished! I will show you some highlights when IM done.
Hope you have a great evening!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!! KATE tagged me!!

THANK youuu Kate.
ahhhh THANK youuu Kate.
lol. here it is and I will tag some lucky people when Im done

1.Last music you listened to – Daughtry Im goin home (its on my blog)
2.Last thing you watched on TV – Deadliest Catch (its on now)
3.Last movie you saw – we watched “Enchanted” last night.
4.Last book you read – “Tip” Bella’s Abecca book she has to read.
5.Last person you spoke to – online? Fran in an I.m. in person? John

6.Last thing you ate – chicken quesadilla
7.Last time you laughed – This morning at Bella and John they both had their arms the same over their head in bed.

8.Last place you visited – The park … Bella’s Birthday.
9.Last website you visited – Old Navy… see if they got fat clothes.

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted – see above lol

NOW: I TAG: ANNETTE, ANGEL, Di, Jing Jing, and JAN
(yall can thank me later hehe)


6 thoughts on “Some pages and some plans.

  1. LOVE that glimmer mist!! I SOOO want to get some and try it!! Great layouts. That KI Lace Hearts is to die for!!!! AI was awesome tonight. LOVE Neil Diamond!!! Of course, Simon, was his usual ugly self!! Poor Paula, felt sorry for her. LOVE reading your blog!!!

  2. Hi Nancy ! I will play tag… gonna E mail you mine. I really LOVE those chipboard ( cool font) alphabets you use alot! Funny, you have my CJ I just finished my page in yours and in the mail back to AL it will go , on Friday ! Please tell me what the chipboard alpha is… I gotta have some!

  3. HI Nancy Great to catch up with so many of your beautiful creations girl ! & Happy Belated B D to darling Bella ! woot ! I only have one bottle of Glimmer Mist so far called Sea Foam – & 2 bottles of stickles !! But I will remember that you say Tracie’s online store is cheaper than most ! Things cost too much here too ! Gotta love that KI Lace cardstock aint it ? I love anything die cut cos I’m just too impatient & lazy to do a lot of cut out work. My guess is that David Cook could win AI this year – love the other David too – they are all amazing ! & I wasn’t too sorry to see Brooke go I’m afraid ! She’s done so well to get this far for sure ! Rawk on girl ! I havent decided what to do on NSD – so much going on everywhere – wow !

  4. Beautiful layouts! Love the My Girl one… that lace is so cool!I watch AI – Love that show!… and Deadliest Catch… too funny you watch that! DH and I like watching that show here and there.

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