Today is my little bugs birthday! SHe is the big 5 years old.
She took cupcakes to school today to share with her class. she was sooo excited. Her party is going to be on Saturday but had a mini party at her school today.

She has invited everyone she sees to her party on Saturday, Including the staff at Wal-mart, everyone at her school and a few others that were probably reached by phone. She is so excited to be FIVE. She got a big ol box in the mail from Grandma that had some Hannah Montana stuff including a wig (yeah it has been hysterical to play with John looks especially groovy in it HI HONEY!!) hehehehe

I still find it hard to believe she is already five. Seems she was born yesterday. wow how time flies.
In honor of her birthday we will have her favorite meal of “bughsketti” (spaghetti) for supper tonight.
Not like we dont eat that all the time but … Its her birthday so bughsketti it is.
I think she is gonna be celebrating for several weeks to come. This week I know she is. If we can keep her contained until Saturday we will have accomplished something.
Id like to thank her teacher for sending that blow out horn home with her too, GRRRR, hahahaha

So here is to Bella bug turning Five. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


17 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Bella Bug… Nancy sneak up on John and take a picture of him with that wig on! LOL and show me so I can bribe him…I’ll say buy Nancy some scrap goodies!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bella!! Wow 5 yrs old already!!! Before you know it you’re gonna be bringing those boyfriends home!! *wink* *ducking so mommy won’t smack me* *L* Loving your birthday pics!!

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