Spring Break

Bella had been experiencing her first spring break. SHe loudly announced to us on Sunday evening that she was gonna have the “Best spring break EVAH” so we both looked at each other and said “ok” wondering what that was supposed to mean.
I wasnt sure if she thought maybe it would be like Christmas and be this grand holiday with a parade or something. So I explained to her Spring Break just means you don’t go to school next week, You will stay home with Mommy.
Daddy is taking vacation from work, so we will all be at home. SHe jumps up and does a jig… hmmm. Ok (note to self when she becomes a teenager and doesn’t want to be seen with us show her this post!!)
SO anyway she has been home all week. I asked her earlier today how her “spring break” was going. Was it the best ever? she said it was pretty good. BUT, Its not over yet she reminded me.
SO I guess tomorrow better stack up to all the other days.

John got her groovy swing set put together and she has put some milage on it so far. She has been an outside lovin’ kid all week.
She has been playing on this swing set since before he got it finished put together haha.
She has made sure all of her toys were introduced to it and they got to take a nap in the “club house” on the top.

SHe has helped her daddy pressure wash the house and shed, Paint the outside of the house and shed, and also picked out ALL the accessories we need for her birthday party on the 26th. SHE QUICKLY reminded me that her birthday was before then but we were just gonna have her PARTY on that day.
(as to not confuse me into not getting her an extra present) I explained to her that the big old cool ginormous swing set was her gift, she said OH. Well maybe we will just eat cake. so I think the deal is set.

I had to go on Wednesday to have my tests done. The Evoked response tests also known as “HUMAN TORTURE” and all for the nice round figure of 399.49 cents.
Im sure it cost alot more than that but oh my lord. They could definitly find out anything they had wanted to know if I had the answers with that test IM telling ya! SO needless to say that blew Wednesday for me. I tell ya I do not understand why some of these tests are like the medication… worse than what is originally wrong with you in the first place. IF something WASN’T wrong with you… there will be when they are done I promise you.
I felt really bad for the lady in the next curtain because if she was next….. she was already praying before I left out of there.
I got home and took a LOOOOOOOOONG nap. I was still nauseaus that night. I have been alternating frozen vegetables On my shoulder and arm where she tried to electricute me.
JOhn was so sweet and got me my most favorite thing ever, Uncle bucks beef and cheese with no mushrooms stromboli with the garlic sauce only he forgot the garlic sauce, I was so hungry though I didnt care, it was still good. I scarfed it down. I was about to starve.
wrong move…
sooo this morning I got up still nauseas and had muscle spasms in my arm and neck (where she shot the power of a car battery through my neck shoulder and arm). Took my medicine, Grabbed more frozen veggies out of the freezer and went back to bed…..so there went Thursday also.

IM DONE WITH TESTS THOUGH and don’t have to go back to the dr till May 6th which I KNOW isnt far but does sound like a long time off. Just let my brain think that for a little longer anyway. This will be the Rheumatology appt. to decide if this is Lupus doing all this crapp or could it be MS. SO… Im at the point of WHO CARES just fix it…. exhausted tired of tests… tired of feelin like crapp..
so John and Bella have been on their own pretty much. Bella came in tonight and she was SOOOOOOOOOO dirty when she took off her clothes for bathtime, it looked like she still had clothes ON. yeah pretty dirty indeed.SHe has been outside with him step for step so I TOLD HER if I can move tomorrow we would make some cards/thank you notes for her birthday presents she has gotten so far.But if mama still feels crappy we will try our best to do them before the weekend is up. Hopefully we can get that done before the weekend is out. I am really tryin’ to drive that home with her that she is to say THANK YOU and write a thank you card when she receives a gift.

I did do some scrapping on Monday I think it was it might have been saturday..I have my days so mixed up now I honestly have no clue when I made this page but it ws recently.
This is Bella and her “boy” Braydan. They are just the cutest things. They don’t really have the concept of boy friend girlfriend (THANK GOD) yet but they are best friends and want to play all the time. I asked Bella if Braydan was her boy friend or just a friend that was a boy and she said MAMA isnt that THE SAME THINGG! no foolin her huh?

OH before I forget. I ALSO wanted to let you know Tracy got in a ton of new product in her store at Treasures to Scrap. Yall know IM all about good deals and if you can get the same product( love elsie, Bo Bunny, Fancy Pants, KI Lace Paper, Cosmo Cricket) every one else gets at regular price for a discount.. THEN IM ALL OVER IT! so go check out what she got. EVERYthing EVERYday is 35% below retail. no foolin, it really is. If you have a request for certain product that she doesnt have.. she will do her best to get it also.

I hope everyone has had a great week and that it was the “BEST SPRING BREAK EVAH” for you and yours if you had it πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Happy that you made it through the testing. I knew how it would be, but if I said anything you would have had John drive you to the opposite end of the county to stay away from it!! Hope the birthday party goes well!

  2. Neat, sounds like a great week for Bella πŸ™‚ Im so glad your test is done and overwith and I hope the next while brings you answers or at least some peace 😦 take care of you!

  3. Hey girl! SO sorry about all these test hopefully soon someone will finally be able to tell you some GOOD news!Your spring break together sounds great, and Bella is just the cutest thing…Love your LO by the way!

  4. Looks like Bella is loving her swing set! What a little dolly she is! Love her opinion on Spring Break!How the heck are you able to scrap? You amaze me! I’m so happy that you are working your way through this and not retreating from the things you love to do! Your layout is beautiful! My thoughts are with you all!

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