Bella goes International

I had a really good day today. We got Happy mail! One of the pages that is to be published in SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES The Austrailian magazine that I LOVEEEEEEE! Came today. I am SOOOOO excited and impressed with this magazine. It is full of awesome pages and ideas. Im so used to the American magazines that have alot of ads and not alot of layout in them. This one OMG had a TON OF layouts just pages and pages of JUST layouts. Im so impressed. YES I cant wait to see my other pages in it. Here is the one IM in so you guys (my family I know, My mom especially will go buy tons of copies hahahaa)can see the cover:

The page is shown in the index in teh front of the book and also in the book on page 32 also. JOHNS HAND IS IN THERE rofl. I told him Id make him famous.

hahaha. as if. THis is far from famous but it was a very wonderful happy today, The weather dropped off cold and I have been feelin liek crapp and all blue because I REALLY dont want to do all these tests and all the money we are having to spend. SOmetimes I wonder if it is better not knowing… but I want to be here a long time to see Bella bug grow up so.. .I put on my big girl drawers and go on.

This magazine has 196 pages and A TON OF LAYOUTS IN IT. IM sooo impressed with it. If I didnt have a lifetime subscription to this other magazine I wont say the name of, Id get this one. My mom keeps renewing it for 2 years when they send the little renewal notices. I think I will have that mag till im about 80!!

John got Bellas swing set put together today. It was taking a really long time and John was geting all confused by the numbers. He had written on the boards like the directions said then it just wasnt going together just right… then he noticed… BELLA HAD written some numbers and letters like daddy ON THE OTHER SIDES of them. ROFL sorry hun I had to laugh that was sooo funny but I knwo he was so frustrated.
she is gonna have sooo much fun on that thing. Man I wish i Had one of those when I was a kid!!!

Hope you are having a good week I just had to share my good news with you guys. You can pick up a copy at Borders or a books a million. OR You can always go to their website.


11 thoughts on “Bella goes International

  1. hugs and congrat’s Nancy! It’s always so exciting to see something you’ve created in a magazine … knowing that thousands of others are seeing it, too! This one is totally worth publishing … awesome, as usual. And, kudos to your dh for getting the swing put together … in spite of Bella’s ‘help’! hehehehe

  2. that is awesome!! Way to go lady!Good luck on the tests, Max had the ‘ol wires to the head for 48 hours straight and I just kept asking him…”are ya pickin up anything yet?” LOL

  3. I’m so excited for you Nancy and it is very much deserved…you do awesome, awesome work….that Bella is so photogenic…I’ll definately pick up a copy..Patti Smith

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