the weekend

I have been scrappin when I have been able to focus. I am almost finished with a mini album. I finished a layout and I had forgotten to post my Di Hickman card sketch card I did last week. Last week was so mentally exhausting. I just was in a daze most of the week. Not hurting so much as having this weakness that feels os weird. Like you have walked a huge marathon how your legs feel all unstable and wonky but I know I havent walked no marathon unless you count from the bed to the bathroom….
ENOUGH whining… IT will work out. I go WEDNESDAY of this week for some test. They are gonna last like 5 hours. They are gonna hook alot of wires to my head to see if I can pick up cable on my eyeballs. I will let ya know how that works out. OH SOME GOOD NEWS! WE got into UAB to the MS specialist. It is not till the end of June but at least we got in. I cannot pronounce his name its alot of vowels. But some that I have talked to have heard of him. That made me feel better. I am still seeing my Rheumatologist on May 6th (lupus dr) so he can decide if he thinks the lesions and deterioration is possibly cns Lupus so they can decide and start treatment this summer. Thank you again for all your prayers. This has been a difficult hurry up and wait that is driving us all crazy. I just would like to be able to focus again and stop this shaking and numbness.

So anyway.. I did scrap.. It is getting better. Im still having troulbe with lines. They will look straight then ughmm they will be so far from straight you cant even call them crooked! They are good fill in pages and great pages for Bellas album but nothing I would consider submitting or using professionally. (if that is what you would even call what I did bwahahaha) Here is a fill-in page I did for Bellas book. I love this picture of her. SHe is such a pistol. She got a big girl bike for Christmas but she hasnt taken to it like she did the trike. I think it is because she doesn’t want to wear all the crash gear. They pad these kids now more than demolition derby racers. Its hot and I know that is why she doesnt ride as much. BUT.. she has to wear it. I wouldnt have some of the scars I have if I had worn crash gear growin up. HECK I NEED CRASH GEAR NOW just to walk across the room!!!
I used the new Basic Grey Archaic along with some Basic grey Lucky from an older line. I added the chipboard which is also made by Basic grey. SWEETIE font thats called. The large B is the Basic Grey monograms. I used some assorted Basic Grey buttons. Colorbox inks, Cosmic Cricket ribbon, and Rusty pickle chipboard stars.
You can get all that at the TTS STORE ( and at a fraction of the price other places sale it for so head on over. Tell em Bella bug sent ya ha ha.

Here is the card I did last week with my buddy Di’s Card sketch.
This is the Reminisce Live out loud line. Has very fun colors. Love this line.

I havn’t goten the mini album all ready to upload yet. I will do that in a day or so. IM exhausted. I have been watching the Deadliest catch marathon this weekend. John and Bella were putting her Swing set together she is getting for her Birthday. Well got for her birthday. Have I mentioned she is gonna be 5??? ughhh rips my heart I am tellin ya. She is on Spring Break this week. I think she thinks its a holiday like Christmas. SHe has been running around going “TOMORROW IS SPRING BREAK TOMORROW IS SPRING BREAK!!!” John took this week off since IM still having good and bad days and have my long appt on Wed. He also wants to get some house painting done. Depends on the weather.
He got part of the swing set put together today. He and Bella had a bandaid competition (to see who could come out of it with the most barbie bandaids) I think John is winning bless his heart. I have to say this is a cool swingset. She is gonna have alot of fun with it this summer I hope.
Hope you all have a good week.


6 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. Hey Nancy ! So glad to hear my mail arrived safely ! lol & still felling sheepish at how long it took ! but better late than never or so we like to say ! You are very much in thoughts & prayers during this time. Keep us updated here ! You will overcome this too ! Keep the faith ! hugs, Pearl

  2. I just LOVE that page of Bella. This picture is great,the colors are great, everything!!!Yes, we are up by Birmingham. When yall get ready to come up here in June, let me know. Or if you need any information before then, let me know.

  3. Wow, girl … lovin’ this page of Bella on her ‘bike’! The colors totally rock with you picture of her … and the giant letters look so cool! I swear … the way you scrap makes it hard for me to believe you feel bad … and are having a rocky time right now. I just can’t imagine what you’ll do when you’re healthy and ‘under control’ again! Stand back, world! Nancy’s gonna’ knock your socks OFF! You are an inspiration … for more reasons than you’ll ever know. Hugs!

  4. Ya, I feel for you all the darn tests never end. I have the cns lupus so I know how heart breaking it is to deal with. Hang in there many prayers. I’m willing to talk if you need an ear…

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