more pages and a beautiful day

HERE Is another page from Bella’s 4-k class trip to the Partridge Plantation. I have about 150 pics so get ready to see plenty of pages on it hahaha. THIS IS FROM my scrapbook Obsessions kit. I LOVE this graphic 45 paper. I tell you if you dont like one side FLIP IT OVER you are sure to like the other. I loved the prima stamp stickers and the ribbon too. I used some STICKLES glitter glue with the template that came with it to make the fleurishes on the top and bottom left. YALL didnt think I DREW THAT NOW DID YA? if so yall are KArazy. Im doing good to scrapbook right now.
I had another one of those freaky headaches today at the back right side of my head where the round part of your skull is. Freaky. I go back to the dr tomorrow though sIts just my general practitioner though. But still he may have some of the answers. WE have another week or so till we get the test results from the hospital.

Bella John and I set out some marigolds and impatients today in the back yard with Guido’s help of course. Mainly Bella did it I assisted. She was so cute. SHe got so mad when guido tried to errr. mark his territory on them. she would fuss at him and tell him to go lay down and stop tt on her plants. I had to laugh she was so funny.
IT is a beautiful day here. The Azaleas are blooming so beautiful. I know enjoy them now they will be gone in a week or so. I LOVE them so much though.

Have you seen the Bazzill paper that you can stitch yet? I know some of you have some may not. It is pre stuck I guess you woudl say with a design so all you do it put the thread through so you can have stitched designs on your pages. IT is pretty cool. HERE is where you can see some of it.


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