Have you seen these papers from GRAPHIC 45? I am in love. They were in my kit at scrapbook obsessions this month. I had the best time making this layout with them. They are double sided and yeah I KNOW I KNOW I scream and shout about double sided paper but seriously these papers rock. IF you dont like one side flip it over YOu are sure to like that one. one side is very vintagy the other not so much. just SO PERFECT.
YES IM still on this turning 5 thing I just cannot believe it. SHe is still planning her Birthday party and so happy to be turning 5 as John and I sit here looking at each other thinking if we ignore it will it go away? UGHHH.. no time doesnt work that way but it was worth a shot huh?
SO celebrate it… we will.
Im working on some cards for Di Hickman. My bud. she has her sketch’s that IM WAYYYY behind on so I gotta get busy.
Take a look if you need some inspiration 🙂


11 thoughts on “ALMOST FIVE

  1. your work is fabulous if i had to choose 1 it would be a tufffff job but i think i would go for the ”I WONDER” LO its gorgeous.thank you sooooo much for sharing such talent.chriss xDO YOU FANCY TAKING ON A CHALLENGE FROM ME.your friend Di Hickman has said she will.chriss xblog candy invite at my place.

  2. ooooooooooooooooo might as well embrace the whole 5 thing. its here to stay. lol!!!! the lo is gorgeous as usual. and can’t wait to see what you do w/di’s stuff! woo hoo!

  3. Amazing layout as always! WOW five already and so beautiful! I wonder how many boys are going to follow her home from kindergarden! LOL and I bet dad will be standing there with a bat! LOL again! Take care and glad to see you blogging! I think about you and pray for you often, esp. as my trigeminal and occipital neuralgia flared recently and I always feel we have a slight connection due to that and some meds. eek! They gave me botox injections in the back of my head for the occipital neuralgia and I had a really bad week but it has helped some, the nerve blocks stopped helping!

  4. She is growing up fast, isn’t she? I can still remember the day my dh was born….26 years ago!!Keep taking pictures Nancy! It goes by sooo fast and you can’t stop it!

  5. Ahhhh I don’t think my post went through!!! I had this whole long past about how fab your pages are and how fast Bella is growing up and what a precious baby she was! I guess this way at least you ‘really’ can’t see my comment about her turning…5! Opps but now I have one here anyway…

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