catching up…

OK I have all kinda stuff to tell yall about. I know I have been a bad blogger. My mom has been here and then I took my meds really early on sunday to so I wouldnt forget in all the Easter festivities and it made me sick as a dog. so Im just getting up and feeling almost human. Nothing will stay down still though so we are hoping… anyway HERE Is some fun news. We had a chat with our bud Lindsay from Cosmo crcket Friday night, He put out a contest for us. this goes for any of you that want to do it. Here it is:

Create an ALBUM with one of the black board albums by Cosmo Cricket found here

Albums must be made with at least 60% Cosmo Cricket product found hereshe is doing next day shipping so you will have it in plenty of time for the contest.

If there is something that she is out of stock on (it is going FAST!!) She will go to Cosmo Cricket and pick it up … Email her at with what you want her to pick up. She will priority ship for everyone so that you can have the product qucikly.

Albums can be any theme you wish.. show us your creativiy.

Upload your finished album here to the TTS gallery no later than April 15th midnight Central time.

Enter as many albums as you wish but has to be using the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard albums and at least 60% of Cosmo Cricket products. No EXCEPTIONS!!!!!Entries will be judged by the Cosmo Cricket Team…
Winner will recieve more than $300 worth of Cosmo Cricket Product!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Cosmo Cricket Man!!!!! and thank you for the great Chat !!!!

Good Luck everyone and Have fun

Paper and Hybrid Albums encouraged…


Doesn’t this sound like fun!!! We had a fun Easter around here. The Easter bunny must have tripped on the toys BElla left out because he dumped his eggs all over the living room. hahahahaa.

She had a great time dyeing Easter eggs. Even though we just use them for potatoe salad… she still loves to dye them I mean come on don’t you remember how fun it was dyeing Easter eggs when you were a kid!? I always loved it. Yes we hide the plastic ones now but I have to have the nostalgia of dyeing real eggs still. Every kid and (kid at heart) has to do this. IT’s just not Easter without it ya know.

She had a good Easter. she poked us awake before 7 and I went ahead and took my meds so I wouldnt forget. HUGE MISTAKE. I have to take them at hte same time every day NOT EARLY not late. I knew not late but was thinking a little early wouldnt matter. BUT, it was alot more early than I realised…Oh well. John thinks maybe I didnt eat enough with it. Either way I was dog sick.
I laid in the dark most of the day. I got up a little bit but I tried to eat and off we went again. so TOday is first day I have been able to keep anything down and that was some crackers.
Im gonna attempt supper tonight.
I have an appt with my general pract, on Thursday so will ask him about that.

Here are some photos for ya, We didnt get to go to the church service for Easter I’m still not allowed out yet. But we did watch some on tv that were gorgeous. We had to kinda be careful around Bella She didnt understand alot of it and we tried explaining some of it to her. I will get her teacher to help me with that for 4 year olds I know it is really difficult to understand that jesus died for us.
I want her to know the real reason of the holidays not just Easter bunny.. Know what I mean?

I got my package I had ordered today from TTS omgosh IF you dont have one of the big bites let me tell you this thing is COOL as can be. It looks impressive too!
I got crackle paints and stickles and some more cosmo and that Bazzill bling birthstone paper is sooo vibrant I LOVE the ones that are Bellas school colors.

My mom was here this weekend. We all had a good time. .
Hope you all had a very happy Easter and remember the true meaning behind it.
I also would love to see your entrys in the contest. LETS FLOOD THE GALLERY WITH THEM AND MAKE LINDSAY AND JON WORK HAHAHAHA. IM sure he will love me for that one! hehe


7 thoughts on “catching up…

  1. awww such fun photos and events.. you are such a good mommy!!!!!We didnt even color eggs!!!!! oh my… kids getting older does that to ya..I cant wait to see all the albums that are created for the contest.. such a great event!!!luv your gutz,Tco-owner of TTS

  2. the photos are fun and so glad bella had a great time dyeing the eggs. ooooooooooo love that cosmo challenge. its a fav of mine. i NNNNNNNEEEEEEDDDDDD one of those books – but i’ll be out of town.hhmm…need to see when this baby ends. great to see you out and about again chickie!

  3. Nancy, your blog and layouts are amazing! I’m so glad you left me a note so I could come visit you! Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. I love how your Eggs turned out, mine were all weird and tie-dye this year.

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