TODAY starts the first day of the CHALLENGE BLAST at Scrap-Diner. GOnna be alot of fun and some GREAT challenges. We have been working major hard to come up with some fun ideas and prizes.

IT IS COOOOOLD here this morning. My joints feel like IM about 80. I could be an advisor for the weather center. It never fails I get sooooooo tired Swollen joints and just fell crappy when it does this. BUT FUN THING… THE MARDI GRAS PARADES ARE STARTING UP!!!
GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN! Last year we had sooo much fun going to the parades even though it was mighty cold. The parades are a blast! Bella got really good at saying “THROW ME SOMETHIN MISTER!” so good infact when we went to the Christmas parade she yelled it there too hahahahahahaha!!!! WAS SOOO FUNNY! SHe had so much fun though. I have a huge bag of recyclable beads and things for this year. Writing note to self to get those in.

The kids will be out of school down here to enjoy some of the festivities but that is later. Today they get out half day for Teacher work day.

They are talking there MAYBE SNOW FLURRIES up near Birmingham and back Home near Jackson Mississippi. Bella wants it to snow soooo bad. I keep telling her we just don’t live in a snow prone area. NOT making her happy right now hahaha!

John got my phone yesterday so Im back in business. Its charging now as we speak.

Dont forget to come check out the challenge blast. Lot’s of fun challenges and prizes.



  1. Hi Nancy!Miss you guys at scrap-diner too! I didn’t realize that you had Lupus, I have it too, as well as a slough of other things, fibromyalgia,etc. I haven’t been feeling well, sleeping while Sienna is in school, and having a hard time falling asleep at night. We should talk more ~ our live are very similar.Thanks for dropping by my blog.Take Care, Mel

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