FINALLY I can load more pics

Bella LOVED her BIKE santa got her for Christmas. IT has princesses on it and she said FLUFFY THINGS ON THE STEARED WHEEL. I CAN DRIVE IT WATCH!!!

Wendy this is just for you John said be sure and show her my hat Santa got me hehehehehe IM sure your cringing right now. I hope yall get to come for a visit soooon!He said he MIGHT not wear it if yall are but he wont make any promises haha.

She was very excited to get lipstick hahahahaha

Dad said he couldnt remember the last time he had gotten a stocking for Christmas. Bella said “You musta been a good boy this year then Papa!!” hahaha

Santa put these in nana, papa, John and my stockings.. no one won anything but it was fun!

Bella had so much fun unwrapping.

She wrote a letter to Santa and Drew him a self portrait haha, HE WROTE her back she was SOOOOO excited he WROTE HER A NOTE!


9 thoughts on “FINALLY I can load more pics

  1. Awww.. these pics are so cute Nancy!! Thank you so much for your sweet Christmas wishes on my blog!! So glad I’ve found your blog this way too!!!! Happy new year to you and your family too!! XOXO Nancy

  2. looks like Bella had the time of her life! The cookies turned out so…….um…. yummy looking. We have some just like that here. :)Sorry to hear about your friend passing. I love these cute letters and pictures they draw for Santa….the hard thing is keeping them for scrapping. See…..Santa’s supposed to take them with him… I have to hide them for saving. I need to just tell him so my scrappin would be so much easier. LOL

  3. I can’t believe John was so excited over that ugly hat he got. I would have been so upset to get something with those colors…..looks like Bella really enjoyed her bike..Morgan loves hers just wish it wasn’t so cold where she could ride it.

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