Bella’s Thanksgiving Program

THe 3k and 4k class sang this morning at Chapel, for all the parents in honor of Thanksgiving. THey dressed in festive hats as pilgrims or indians. Bella said she wanted to be a Pilgrim since “HER BRAYDEN” was going to be a “indiot” (indian) Here are a few photos. It was REALLY cute.

CHeck out the little boy at the bottom left of the photo. HE didnt look to happy to be there but man was he just the cutest thing EVERRR!

I thought this was the sweetest little song everrrrr!!! Had to zoom in on that shot!

We hope you are havig a happy DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING and gonna spend it with the ones you love 🙂

I also want to tell my HUBBY “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU” Hope you have a less chaotic day than we expect 🙂
We will probably be celebrating his Bd this weekend. Since we have company and everything is kinda AAAAAACCCKKKKKKKK right now. I love you honey and welcome to 37!! hehehhee


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