wow! a whole lotta scrappin goin’ on

We had a great time at the crop this weekend. I did get a good bit accomplished. IN between cleaning lol WE have mass company coming this week for Thanksgiving. here are a few things I made:I caught up a few pages that I needed to do.
I added some pages to family members albums for the holidays.
Caught up some on our book of me challenges.

I also did a bunch of cards.

In between all this We cleaned the house like crazy people getting ready for all of our company. I am still working on some of the challenges, so keep an eye open this week.

I am off to the dentist this morning again ::grrroooaaan:: the tooth I am to have worked on .. BROKE last night so I guess it is a good thing Im going huh. Prayin’ this one doesnt do like last week.. since I have a small mouth and all. :: I can’t even type that without giggling IM SOO getting that in writing to show my brother. I KNOW he won’t believe it. HA HA HA!


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