GOod News just keeps comin’

MAN I have had a lucky week. I am just beside myself with excitement. My pal Wendy told me to come hang out with her some at this site a while back, and I just love it there. Really fun. awesome atmosphere. WELLL.. The owner (who rocks outloud HEY SHER!!) asked me to be the MY LIFE COORDINATOR at her site!!!! whehew what does that mean you say? Well I will be doing some “All About Me” style classes and challenges using her cool products she gets in for these challenges. HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK! I am really excited. I used to teach “All About Me” classes here in Mobile and was asked if I ever thought of doing that again well.. the answer is YES! I will be sure and give you info before hand. Be sure and check out her site at WWW.Scrap-Diner.Com

Thank you Wendy OH and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU for MAKING HER DESIGN TEAM. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU ROCK WOMAN!! Congratulations to all the ladies that made the team there. You are all SOOO deserving!

I also want to say Thanks to Sher for this opportunity.


6 thoughts on “GOod News just keeps comin’

  1. wooo hooo you go girl…i just visited that site and i love the whole 50’s feel of it…way to cutewhat have you been doing woman? Are you coming down next weekend for the scrap thing on friday and saturday??

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