ITS FINALLLY THURSDAY AND TIME FOR SURVIVOR CHINAAAAAAAA!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED! GEtting all my chores done early so I can attach myself to the tv. I know my pal Annette will be watching also. IM in a pool on treasures for a big prize on who will win. I havn’t been able to pick my person yet. BUT I KNOW who I wanna pick if they are still available by the time its my turn to pick. hehe.

OH ANGEL to answer your question I got that little book from Magistical Memories. ITs designed by my pal Cheryl Mezzetti (SHE ROCKS) you have to bind it yourself but it is really cute. The paper is the sponsor this month WE R MEMORY KEEPERS at Treasures.

We have a HUGE sale going on right now at Treasures still too so If you need to stock up head on over.

I have been very busy lately I have SEVERAL Pubs coming up and had to get it all mailed. I had a project assigned that I had to get finished, ALso working on stuff for the newsletter. I got a call from another place to send her another thing I had so IM all excited. Waitin’ on the checks.

I finally got all that consignment stuff done for Michelle. She is just the sweetest ever. We have this HUGEEEEEEE consignment 2 times a year in Mobile. MY friend Annette hooked me up with. I had stuff in my garage from when Bella was a baby still. Between being sick and life getting in the way I haven’t gotten rid of much. soooo We loaded up. Michelle gave me permission to bring as much as I wanted this time Ussually you cant bring but 200 items but I told her I have alot of big stuff so bless her she let me. THE REST I will hook her up come the spring one. So hopefully that will work out. I priced kinda low to get rid of everything.I didnt get to do much toys I had so many outfits and big things. Bella was wanting to go shopping sooo bad I told her I would be sure and get her something special. I have to get her some church clothes for winter the kid is growing like a weed. She is only 4 but so tall she is wearing 6’s!!!! Thank the lord she wont be short like me maybe. She was never a tiny thing. Has always been a 98 percentile kid.

Well I have lots to finish before I can get survivor ready. TA TA FOR NOW Hope yall ahve a good day. I will post some of the stuff im working on hopefully by this weekend I cant post it just yet.
OH OH OH. I got the preview from scrapbooking stamping and stationary and OMG it looks sooo good. IT looks better every time it comes out. I swear they need to charge more for that book. IT is becoming a must have! I was so excited to see the stuff in there IT looks so good. SO GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! YALL ROCK!!



  1. We were excited for China Survivor too! Lucas kept saying…..It’s in CHINA mom! CHINA!I think it’s because it’s the first time he’s old enough to recognize a country. :)So glad the female wrestler didn’t get voted off. She’s gonna add some spice. Too bad the chicken farmer went…..he was spicy too.

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