Sorry Greyson…

I know your gonna be mad at me when you see this layout.. but you were just so darn cute. How could you not wanna squeeze those little baby roll legs and pinch those cheeks? You were the cutest pirate EVERRRRRRR! SO what that your almost a double digit now… None of your friends read my blog anyway. Just some day when you go to get married I will pull this out at your wedding and say LOOK HOW STINKIN’ CUTE HE IS AS A PIRATE! ARN’T YOU GLAD your not MY KID!!! smooches!

Karen Foster is the Sponsor this month at TREASURES TO SCRAP.Be sure and stop by and check out the gallery. LOTS of Cool things being uploaded. BElla and her best friend Eva Caroline who lives across the street had so much fun digging in the dirt. They told me they were looking for treasures. Guido was assisting them so well by being their fierce protector and keeping them on track of where they needed to dig. Man he is a good babysitter huh? TOo bad he was teaching them to dig SO HE COULD TRY TO ESCAPE the backyard!! I know he is thinking just a few more inches and that pesky cat running loose in the neighbor hood is MINE!!!!!BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. ANyway be sure and check out the rest of the fun stuff we have uploaded in the Sponsor Gallery at Treasures To Scrap 🙂 ps: if you wanna read the journaling just click on the image and you will see a larger page that has the little story on it. It’s pretty funny.

Sorry I havn’t updated my blog have not been doing well but then yall all know about the kidneys 😦 anyway huh… so just keep us in your prayers. Thanks xoxoxox


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