it lives

Did you think I left you guys? sorry ’bout that. ohhh about 9ish pm Saturday night I had not felt good and slept most of the evening. IT had been a great day. We went to Tara’s and played with Braydon. Bella had soooo much fun. WE had come home I got some cleaning done, John went to Wal mart for me with Bella and did the shopping. I laid down for a bit, rolled over and when I did it literally woke me up. Our Neighbor, who is a nurse, came over and looked at me. mushed on my side to see what was swollen etc. Said “go your butt to er” cuz we really thought it was appendix. Got there, man they didn’t waste any time I went straight in the back they pushed me through and had an iv in me before John had the car parked good. They put that iv in me and kicked it on hi, within 30 minutes UGHHHH! I thought I was in labor. OWWW! SO yes I gave birth to we think 3 little rocks to add to my collection. Gonna have a rock group here before long. SO THAT is where I have been. Its all good now, feeling much better. Just have to re-adjust my diet ONCE again and take it easy. DRINK MORE water, yeah yeah, I KNOW but man, I hate to drink just plain water and can’t have artificial sweetner so it is like major mayhem.

We have alot going on at TREASURES TO SCRAP you MUST come see. WE are growing like a weed over here with fertilizer on it. The site is jumping in the numbers. Karen Foster is our sponsor this month. HEre are 2 really quick pages I got done in between all the other stuff going on.The first one is my nephew Zach when he was in Kindergarten. seems so long ago now. Im sure he will LOVE ME for putting this up on my blog. HE is now a teen ager and I know how much this would cramp his style. Sorry Zach. Least they weren’t baby photos of you in diapers!!
This one is the plaque hung in my daddys honor, at the policeman’s hall of fame in Miami, Florida. Yall pray for our family this month by the way. The 28th of this month, is the anniversary of his death in line of duty. We know years have passed but to us this was still my daddy, my brothers daddy, My mom’s husband, a person that was loved by our family. We miss him so very much and not a day goes by we don’t hurt from this horrible event. To us it could have been yesterday… so anyway Thank you for remembering us especially my mom that day.

I am still working on mini books. Im so behind I have alot to catch up on. The baby book Is almost done for Bella’s teacher. Her son and his wife just had TWINS a boy and a girl. I really hope she enjoys this little book as much as I enjoyed making it for her. She is just a joy to these children in Bella’s class. She comes home every day talking about her and how much she just loves her teacher. THis makes me SOOOO happy! I cannot wait to see this with photos of them inside. I will have a sample for that going up soon.

Bella is LOVING SCHOOL! She even has a boy friend!! (John cringes at the thought) BUT they are so cute. The little boy we had the play date with Saturday, Braydon. His mom works with John. They live just down a few houses from us. They are such nice folks. Braydon is the cutest thing ever. I will have to post some pics of them soon.

I sent in my final page for Scrapbook Lifestyles Stylin Idol. THIS IS THE FINAL SHABANG. AHHHHH! Im so nervous. I worked very hard on my page. WAIT till you hear what our challenge was! OMGOSH it was definitly a challenge. BUT I had soo much fun with it. Thank GOD I had it almost done before the kidney stone incident. So be sure and check that out once she has that all posted. There are some AMAAZIIINGGGG scrappers in this competition. CANNOT BELIEVEEE my name is up there with them. So I feel a little out of place. IM more like the country bumpkin that brought he great big squash to the county fair amongst all of these ladies. I have to tell you though, Im just happy to still be in the finals lol. Great friends great people, scrapping our babies.. what more could you ask for!!
Hope you all have a great day I have Bella’s uniforms washing. Then I will Iron. YES I KNOW but I cannot let her go to school in this little uniform and it be all wrinkly. I may not get alot of things done but SHE WILL be pressed. I was in bed for a couple of days and I asked John did you iron her uniform (why did I ask? I KNEW better) He said OH they dont care about that. OMGOSH I CARE about that. YEAH I KNOW its a mommy thing. But right now she only has 2 of the little jumpers since the rest haven’t come in yet that are back ordered.. (reminds me to call today see if they are in yet) so we have to wear one wash one… FUN! IT is too hot to wear the little pants and stuff so we go with the jumper. BElla likes the dress better anyway. She is such a little girl hehe.
OK I am really out of here Time to get her movin and ready for school! XOXOXOOXOX


3 thoughts on “it lives

  1. I’m so glad Bella is loving school!!! McKenna and Delaney are back in (with Delaney’s first year at middle school) and they are both really loving it!Love the pages!!!Good luck on finishing your mini books!!And it is just TOO hot, isn’t it? Ugh!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your illness. One way of choking down more water is to flavor it – I like Ms Martha’s Lemon Ginger water. Thinly slice a lemon, add to a large pitcher. Take a good amount of fresh ginger root (we like 2 inches), peel the outside, then cut into “coins.” Add to the pitcher, and mash down on them with the back of a ladle to release their juices. Add water and ice, stir and enjoy. The flavor is bright and clean without any sugar, altho you probably could add a simple syrup or honey if you must. Enjoy!

  3. Nancy, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I still say get your parathyroids checked.I’ll be thinking about you on the 28th. I know it’s a hard day for you. Maybe you can start a new tradition on that day…..something to look forward to, something that honors your dad…maybe it will be “alittle” easier to get through the day……..the week.

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