The photos from yesterday…

Here are the photos from yesterday that BLOGGER wouldn’t let me load grrrr.
A busy Saturday here. We went to our friend Tara’s house this morning to play. Her little boy is in Bella’s class. He is sooo dadgum cute. They had a big time. It is just SOOOO hot outside. JOhn and Bella went shopping for me at Wal mart and got what we call “big groceries” YOu know how you stock up on stuff. Well they did that. I cleaned up some around here and did laundry but wasn’t feeling great so Layed down for a while. That did make me feel LOTS better so IM back at it getting laundry done and cleaning. SO not gonna break my progress and get back to it. Just wanted to show these photos from yesterdays blog post that blogger was being such a pain and not letting me show!! Ta ta for now!!

Bella at her little desk (is this not the cutest ever!)
This is Bella’s Teacher. Bella loves her so much. I can see why. She is just so sweet and loves those kids so much. She truly is one of those people you just see the Joy they have for life. I just love people like that.


3 thoughts on “The photos from yesterday…

  1. Hi NancyAAwwwweee…doesn’t Bella look so cute in her uniform. Her teacher looks really nice…..glad to hear that Bella likes her it makes such a difference.Best WishesJoanne

  2. Your camera takes awesome pictures! Bella makes me laugh….look at that look on her face as she twirls her hair…..she’s definitely up to something!!!!Hugs Nancy!

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