TUesday Challenge

Wanna talk to you today about something and see if yall can help me out. Im really trying to focus on positive. YES we all have bad days and memorial day is a sad day for us and many other days with some of the crapp we all go through called LIFE. I know everyone has crapp they have to handle. Not to sound selfish but,I really need to stay focused on POSITIVE. NOT complaining, not whining, not every thing in the world to worry about that COULD possibly go wrong. Shingles is stress related and IT keeps coming back for over a year now, even while on medication. I was on chemo therapy for lupus and was subjected to chicken pox and broke out and It hasnt been right since. It will not stay gone until this changes. SO Im not worrying or listening to negative stuff anymore. I am putting this here on my blog so YOU guys can help me with this. I want you guys to help me focus on positive. I know you can, cuz yall are my pals and my family. I mean if your not.. why would you be wasting your time reading my blog right? :;wink:: SO with that said. I want to issue our challenge today On Treasures To Scrap . Have fun and link me back.

10 things I have learned from my friends:

1. YOUR true friends are there for you when life totally sucks. (like take off work and sit through the trial of the guy that killed your dad Thank you Frances You will always be my bestest friend)
2. IF you dont understand something get together and toss it.
3. That you can find a reason to smile and laugh no matter what life throws at you.
4. karma… nuff said.
5. That you can find a discount coupon for almost ANYTHING
6. NOt to sweat the drama and BS it is what it is and well go back and see number
4.life is way too short.
8. That I am the bling queen of the universe. OKAYYyy With robin runnin a closeeee race but I still win neener neener neeeeeennnerrrrr
9. You have never truly laughed until you have had your beverage come out your nose in one of our conversations.
10. That they are there for you no matter what and will always be supportive no matter what.
I tell my friends Like my daddy used to tell me …. LOVE YA, MEAN IT.



9 thoughts on “TUesday Challenge

  1. HELL YEAH GIRLIE!!! I am sooooo on board with this one, definitely! You know i will kick your ass into shape when you need it and REALLY keep you on the positive spin! We laugh until we cry some nights and I am sooo there for more of that!!! We’ll kick these shingles in the ARSE girlie!!!!!

  2. no time for entertaining negative things or people. You don’t need to. No use. I have been thinking about wearing that complaint braclet that pastor started. Your goal is to wear it straight for 21 days. If you complain, you switch it and start over. Not that complaining is your problem, but you know what I’m gettin at.

  3. Nancy,Thank you for the reminder of how SPECIAL close friends are….and you are right…they are the ones that are there for you….someday, I hope that my Friend DJ will allow me to repay her for being there when my daughter attempted suicide…she drove 14 hours to be by my side….love her and mean it!Robinhttp://tqmnurse.blogspot.com

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