a little therapy for the soul

IM PRAYING FOR SUNSHINE tomorrow so I can re photograph this layout…. The scanner just will not let it be bright and pretty when you have popdots on a page. ANYWAY.. it got COOOOOOOLD down here last night (what is that about ain’t it supposed to be warm in Mobile?!) and with all my recent ailments (violin playing softly my heart is bleeding for ya) my hands and joints were hurting. Yeah I know so HOW NANCY did you make this page if your hands were hurting. WELLLLL Im glad you asked that question. The dr said you need to move them and well typing and scrapping are the best exercise for my fingers I can think of. (cuz I really want shapely girly fingers so I gotta keep em exercised…whateverrrrrr!) but most of all IT IS A distraction. As I wait for the medication from hell (that turns me from my ussually charming self bwahahaa to a Total witch with a b in 20 minutes) to start taking effect. (therefore NOW YOU KNOW WHY… I hide in my scrap room or in my bed so much….because it makes EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY get on my last nerve….) THis time I instead hid in my scraproom. I wanted to scrap soooo bad and was just playing with this paper and I dunno if it was the medication or my creative brain…(shut up jeanne haha) but we will go with creative brain ok! I started seeing water, waves, and splashes in the designs. I LOVE this photo of my horrifically rotten toddler (aren’t they still toddlers at 3? even if they act like teenagers?) she was chasing my nephew around the pool..ok we were pushing her in her floaty ring but she thought she was chasing him around the pool.. saying “come meya gwaysen… sooo’s eyes can SOOOOT EWE” add the southern accent to it when you say it… (is that not the cutest?) so anyway… ta daaa a page was born. I love the smile on her face. It is a TOTAL giggly grin smile. Look how her nose is wrinkled (mine does that too) we all I think have that when we get really tickled about something. I had fun doing this page and it got my mind off of it for a little while (as Im pouting cuz I can’t go to Annaheim to cha dadgummit but I keep thinking “CHICAGO CHICAGO stay healthy and go to chicago” so hopefully I can see ya there guys) I did cut out the paisleys for this page.. Yeah they dont look so great but geez my hands are hurting give me a break. I was lucky to do the page haha! I didnt add the glitter to the letters I cheated that is called K AND CO TWINKLE TYPE it is already glitzy and sparkly aint it cool?! and be sure and notice the amazingly ROCKIN ULTRA COOOOOL SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS that I got from “It’s not just scrap” (thank you ladies yall rock) THIS is the most ultra cool bling IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!
WHO all is droooling over some of the new stuff coming out at cha? DO you all hate that blame bird as much as I do? Im sorry to who designed that I really am but I just dont get it. I promise if I change my mind I will post it but I just dont like it. We are not gonna do another JONES CHALLENGE yet until after the first week in February matter of fact probably not till around the 10th. With cha going on and everyone is gone (but me…… did I mention that already????) the other Jones girls are on their way to Annaheim.. (without me did I mention it?) Im sure they will go stalk the SEI booth for me and roll around in some Queen and company for me and and tell all of them to go look at my pretty tray on their video and and well… I miss you guys already ….. (DO ya feel guilty yet? I didnt think so…)DI TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SEI BOOTH FOR MEEEEE TELL THEM I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMMMM!

ALSO dont forget to check in with Scrap that Moment/ SCrappy chick at booth number 543 and say hi to the scrappy chick/scrapthatmoment gang and LOOK AT MY DESIGNS ON THE VIDEO!!!! YES I have some projects at cha wheew Im so excited! so be sure and stop by and at least say HI! Also look at the new papers that HEIDI JONES created for The site. THey are gorgeous and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! OK Im out of here toodles


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