its alive

BUT barely.. new meds making me very sick… I will be updating my blog as soon as I can. in the mean time check out some of the blogs in my BLOGS I LOVE section to the right. Tell em nancy sent ya 🙂

Shout out to Karla, Marcy and the gang at “Its not just scrap” LOVE these swarovski crystals. IF you have not tried these… YOU are missing out. They are the most beautiful bling ever. They look so real. The sparkle is amazing. I hope to get to come crop soon. Thanks for this! Yall rock! ps: YES THEY COME IN BLACK get them!!!! I need them lol!

Bella went to Katie Ann’s Birthday party saturday with Ms katrina, Cannon and Kellery. SHe had so much fun. She sang Happy birthday the REST of the day! Tomorrow is play group so I know she will be having alot of fun there too. Thank you GOd for such good friends. I know Bella is bored out of her mind here with me. John and Mom try to play tea party etc.. but it just isnt the same as playing with other children. TAKE PHOTOS FOR ME hehe. YAll rock I owe ya big time!
ALso shout out to Scott. Jeanne’s son. Praying his poison sumac is better soon, He has it soooooooo bad and is miserable to say the least. (and I know that is making Jeanne a nervous wreck) when your kid is miserable.. you are miserable.. SO im praying yall are back to normal soon. Hard to believe I can’t wait to hear Mobile Alabama Sucks rofl! *(but thats how I know he is feelin good he picks with me)
OK back to bed. IM getting the evil stare.


4 thoughts on “its alive

  1. I am so glad you are doing a bit better. I was so worried about you.. still am.I read what you wrote to Scott.. he said it doesn’t suck right now… Sumac Sucks!

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