My sweet hubby went to hobby lobby for me to get the adhesive. WELL the one we have here Is SOOOOOO helpful (not) they were out of course and he asked the lady when they would get more. OF COURSE she had no clue… they never do at this one. THe one across the bay they are so nice and helpful. This one ELSUCKO’s. BUT he found the new christmas Basic grey not the fruit cake but the DASHER basic grey pack. HE found it on another isle and said Isnt this something you like I said UGHM YEAH I dont have that one. SO he got it. When he got to the check out IT WAS HALF OFF! whehewhew. SO I called my sister in law liz. To see if she happened to be near the hobby lobby in Mississippi (that one is gorgeous it rocks) and she was. She went in they had 5 packs of the adhesive I wanted (all at half price) so she got all of them for me YIPEEEEEEEEE! IT has been a lovely day in the karma section. I feel good. The shingles/chicken pox whatever are almost gone and I feel so much better. AND I am gonna be in the scrap that moment VIDEO at the SCRAPPY CHICK BOOTH at CHA! My tray I made and a photo IM SO EXCITED. I have a few things in the magazine also but the video Im so excited about! SOooooo I may not get to go (due to my health, enjoy my ticket yall! lol) but I will be there in spirit! AND A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY pal DI HICKMAN and LATONYA BOIKE they are gonna be at CHA (lucky dogs) take pics for me!!!! I will see you in chicago!


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