the three letter word I hate most

so you wonder why I am up at 1:55 am? probably not.. Most of you know I would rather be up at night anyway. ONe because it is quiet. But, mainly cuz well the world is asleep and I can run around in my underwear un noticed, without hearing the screams of people saying “OMG IM BLIND NOW!” but then, that is another good plus. Don’t cha think?
This is the one time that I dont hear that 3 letter word that I have grown to totally DETEST and wonder what the lord really used to do for enjoyment before I HAD BELLA. You know he is sitting up there eating popcorn with my dad going “watch this.. Your gonna LOVE this part” and I can envision them Hi^5 ing each other and sharing laughs.

But What is that, Nancy, You say? Wwhat 3 letter word can be that hideous that a root canal sounds better to you right now? hmmm Is there a word that is worse? Well if your a mommy you already know this and I shouldn’t have to tell you and if your my mom you have already gone to pop some popcorn cuz this is one of THOSE moments you prayed when I WAS three years old would happen. TOuche’ mom… BUt for all of you that are still wondering..Ill tell you.

ITS WHY. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY Not to be confused with just the singular why cuz it never happens once? It is like when the ice machine gets stuck and you know there are 900 more pieces of ice about to land on your kitchen floor. yup these are the days OF WHY….

I try to remember the days before why came to live at our house. I can remember sitting in the floor with the small child, I call mine (some days) and thinking OH will she ever utter a word out of that mouth of hers? Wwhat will she say? What is she thinking (we now know it was WHY!!)What will she want to know? And to the lords amusement he said haha GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.. as a teenager YOU THOUGHT you knew everything … HERE IS YOUR TEST. Prove it!
Take this example

You go to say the local Hobby lobby. Your looking for something in particular. Mommy? Can I have… (whatever she sees in front of her face) No baby. BUT WHY? Because you dont need that? but why? You say”why? “why what?” why mommy? I want it.
I know you want it, but you dont need it?
Why dont you need it??!! well cuz you have 900000000000 other things at home just like it that I trip over.
::Getting a little irritated:: I dunno bella maybe cuz YOu dont pick them up..
::more irritated::I dunno why you dont pick them UP!! Its NOT CUZ I havn’t asked you to… I think we should have your hearing checked or maybe I am talking to myself…

so I think for a second.. 1. How come her part of the conversation ALWAYS consists of BUT and WHY? and 2. WHY (there is that word! again) am I explaining all this. SO FINALLY it happens. You know that moment. The one YOU SWORE would never happen.That moment when your eyes cross and you have to literally hold the buggy tighter to keep from injuring said kid, with every bit of glare and control you can muster up inside of you in your most official like “Mommy” Voice . That rather than birds chirping and harpsacords playing the theme song to Psycho should come over the intercom system… You scold out the NONE OTHER PHRASE… ( you already know what it is don’t you? yup cuz you have kids and you have been there and are laughing your butt off cuz you have done the SAME THING probably in hobby lobby too huh!) YOU exclaim “BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!”
AMidst the thunder (which is really my father and the lord himself ROLLING in the clouds laughing their wings off) You see this soft pouty face with the ordacity to look shocked stare up at you as if you just murdered a puppy and softly with a voice so angelic she replies:
BUt.. WHY?

I think visiting hours here at the insane assylum are Wednesdays from 1 to 3 so please bring chocolate and more scrap stuff no sharp points they say… and when Bella has kids I ahve already appropriatly repayed her the curse of YOUR CHILD WILL SAY WHY more than you…
Betcha cant guess what her reply was! ::sigh::


7 thoughts on “the three letter word I hate most

  1. LOL I love reading your blog!! and the crazy thing about this one is I remember saying that when I had kids I would never use the phrase “because I said so” but I do REGUARLY…LOL

  2. lol – you write well, Nancy. Very funny post. …and WHY am I commenting on a blog of someone I barely know anything about? Because I too, have had that lightbulb moment when I have uttered the words, “Because I said so”, then immediately felt like I was morfing into my mother, after swearing never to do so!!

  3. OH Nancy you never fail to bring a smile to my face! Aint it a good thing that we love our kids so much cuz no way could be endure what we do if we didn’t!! I love the imagery of your dad and God enjoying popcorn and hifiving each other….

  4. This is too funny! I just stopped by to see what your answer was for today’s blog challenge and next thing you know, I’m scrolling down to read more entries! You’re a great story teller! Keep up the excellent work! No wonder your work got picked up. You have a FUN blog! way to go!!!!Joz

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