In Memory

Bobby Joe McCrary
On August 28, 1995, Deputy Bobby Joe McCrary was fatally wounded during the pursuit of an auto theft suspect.
Deputy McCrary heard the radio transmission of the description of a stolen vehicle and within minutes saw the suspect vehicle go by. Deputy McCrary radioed in, stating that he was behind the suspect vehicle and would keep surveillance until other deputies could reach the scene. Deputy McCrary followed the vehicle for approximately four miles, when the driver pulled over, exited the suspect vehicle and started back toward Deputy McCrary. The deputy radioed in to inform dispatch what was happening. Suddenly the suspect began stabbing the deputy with a butcher knife before he could exit his vehicle. Deputy McCrary was transported to the nearest hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
The suspect in the case was an escapee from a drug treatment center located in Rankin County.

I love and Miss you so much daddy!
You are and always will be my number one hero!!!

*Please remember my family and friends in your prayers, TO everyone 11 years have gone by.. To us … it still feels like yesterday. Thank you

Further reading of a previous post which has the details regarding the loss of my father it is long so you may not want to read it. That is ok. It is what all happened that day in my words and my account from the family point of view. Going through the trial, dealing with the press and the family of the boy that killed my father. Thank you all for your support and remembering us in prayer today.


3 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Nancy, I just popped on to this blog for the first time, and I couldn’t have picked a better day to show up and give you support. I’m thinking about you, girl. It takes a strong person to go through what you have experienced. Hugs to you today, and every day, for that matter. 🙂

  2. oh nancy, my thoughts are with you—–how horrible for you and your family, I’m so sorry to hear this and that I did not know……we sometimes only see the happy moments of eachothers lives, being scrappers, that it takes us by surprise when we see these moments of horror and grief.You are in my prayers

  3. Nancy, I am so sorry sweetie! My thoughts are with you and your family as I am sure this is still on your mind today. You are a strong person, and I am glad that your dad’s memory is something that will forever be cherished in your mind. Hugs girl!

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