Two peas post : Katrina a year after…

OK so the pages didn’t show up for some reason…. I will try again later. Alot of you have seen them already anyway.
I am having trouble with Blogger uploading images for some reason… anyway. They are the same ones that are on 2 Peas in my gallery. WHich If you are here reading this chances are you saw it anyway since I answered the thread on Hurricane Katrina A year later. I did several layouts and I kept the newspapers because, well one, this was our first hurricane we were effected by, NOTHING Like the severity of others, DONT get me wrong. We were so blessed. IM not trying to make light of others suffering. I did want Bella to be able to look back and see what it was like though a first hand account. I kinda wish my mom had done that with camille. I see the footage etc but she tells the story of it effecting them so far inland in Brandon, Mississippi where I lived my entire life, and the Tornadoes etc and how one of the little towns that neighbors them was wiped out. It was WAY inland from the coast IM TALKIN middle of the state if your familiar with the area… So yeah now all hurricanes are gonna be compared to Katrina its the new Camille. It is kinda ironic.. My brother and other family members were calling us BEGGING us to come home evacuate get out now. THey couldnt deal with another death that close to the anniversary of our dad. They took turns calling and “talking sense into us” I was plenty scared BELIEVE ME! But, we are close to the coast.. things are built down here to with stand this.. IF that storm moves like the others did back to the right like the little weather dude on our local channel here was jumping up and down screaming was gonna happen.. We would be in more trouble up there than we would here. Actually my husband was pounding this in my head I had packed the truck the dog the baby and was ready to move to canada. I was scared to death. BUT they were right and YES if we had gone home we would have been stuck longer up there with no gas,no power,and not able to get back home for several weeks It was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever been through. I CANNOT IMAGINE what others that were in the direct line and on rooftops and in worse situations went through.
I watched dateline tonight. It is so humbling, It was about the hospital in new orleans and how these drs and the staff there saved so many people. I KNOW there are MILLIONS of other hero’s out there and I am so just moved by what these people accomplished in such dire straights..

I want yall also to keep in your prayers over the next few days My mom especially, My brother and his family, my uncle and aunt’s and cousins, and the parents of the boy that killed my father. I know they are living their own kind of hell as well on this day that is coming up the day before the anniversary of katrina… I cant imagine what that must be like to have a child do such a thing. I know Im not supposed to hate him. I just havn’t made it to that place yet. So yeah, pray for me and my family too. Thanks

PS: I talked with Jeanne a little today. SHe sounded better to me as far as I could understand what she was saying lol. She said she still looks like a chipmunk and still feels alot of pain. SHe was not a happy camper she couldnt take her medication yet because she had to go pick her son up from school since he couldnt find a ride home. SO remember her as well too.
and dont worry ILL BE back to my crazy NOT such a downer self soon I promise!


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