FRONT PAGE OF AOL seasons first powerful storm then it goes on to talk about the “deadly storm” what the hell is this!!!!! IT ISNT EVEN A HURRICANE YET… THEY WILL jump on all this for ratings all over the media get people scared as crapp and they flee from it and it not do anything 4 times all the way up to LET SEE THE LETTER K… then people dont fear it or respect them so they dont listen and THEN MORE PEOPLE DIE and are hurt because of it. THIS IS CRAPP and it makes me so angry. I despise what the media has become.
There is my flame for the week… Ya know I have been with AOL for 11 years and I am having more problems with them than ever before then I open it up and see this.. Makes me cringe and really have a bad taste. THE CHEAPER SERVICES are looking better and better! BUT I cant just blame them IT S ON THE FLIPPIN NEWS as well. SHOCK AND AWE TV.. when will they stop!

Climbing down off my soap box and looking for something to stop this headache (sledgehammer is lookin pretty good .. talk about shock and awe hee hee)


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