The great flood of 2006.. reality check

Have yall been over to scrappers bliss? Yall know I talk about it and scrap that moment and scrappy chick and untamed scrapper constantly. WELL, there is this MAsSIVE title wave goin on! IT is awesome and exciting to see! The numbers are falling and that is so amazing to watch I love seeing that number fall it is kinda like the neilson ratings but for scrapbook sites. The lower the number the better. WELL IT JUMPED like 5 spots yesterday till today. BUT what alot dont understand is how that works. IT is based actually on average not on daily hits. THe average traffic that hits a site. SO YOU CAN IMAGINE how many people are clickin on that site looking at the rockin gallery (it really is if you dont generally think I feel this way then You are SOOoo new to my blog) Andrea and Jenn bust their tail to carry the coolest stuff (yeah they are killin me here) and in the process have made this THE design team to apply for. THey have been MONSOOONED with entries. I cannot begin to imagine. I know they are terrified to hurt anyone’s feelings and want this to just keep being the hottest spot so they want to pick THE right people for their site. I would so hate to have to choose.
BUT I wanted to talk with you about that. How important we base ourself worth or our “talents” on such. I wonder how many are out there that are gonna never darken the door if they dont get this. I can imagine the flames on other site and broken hearts and paper trimmers and long whiney layouts with dramatic journaling and photos of tears streaming down faces… SO I wanna reality check, HAVE YALL LOOKED AT WHO ALL HAS APPLIED???? OH MY GAWEsh I have already convinced myself I have a snowballs chance in florida at getting it . BUT my main thing I want everyone to remember IF you dont get anything else from this post TAKE THIS. DONT give up. KEEP at it and LEARN something. I have learned MORE from these places I advertise on my blog. I see alot of what is going on out there and the ones that are successful are the ones with awesome attitude, YEAH they have talent but attitude to boot. Its not JUST about scrapping.. it is the photos, it is HOW you make people feel when they see that page, what do they get from it. What do they carry in their spot that retains thought. I have layouts that the picture may not be so great but the journaling.. wow, maybe the page isnt that great a page BUT I had a blast making it and it shows! Well its the same thing what keeps people coming back to a site. The people there? Do they have a blast scrapping and creating? What is the product they are selling.. the design team.. the involvment. actual scrapbook supplies? Yeah having the latest and greatest product DOES HELP believe you me….. I have an awesome example. scrap That THIS place is a power house site. why? LOOK at how involved their owners are. Look at how involved their team is. EVERYONE has mega posts. Their design team is readily available.. I posted some layouts on this site that on other sites maybe got 1 or 2 posts WITHIN 24 hours I had 10, 12 comments on them.. THe owner and staff are right there posting and involved. The design team is rockin but they are uplifting to be around. I have a “big sister” Athene OMgosh yall she is AWESOME. I hardly knew these people but when I had my recent surgery… they were all right there for me witha ll these feelings I went through. They were instant family. Same thing here at Bliss. Now mind you Im not on scrap that moments design team. I am a designer for their magazine and a member of their site BUT they make you feel so much like a part. SAME THING at BLISS. You feel at HOME. You are comfy. You are like at a crop. You scrap you chat you show look what I did, You oooh and ahh over product. YOU want to come back. I love the involvement of the people the design team the staff every one IT is the warm fuzzies. SO ..IF you love a site keep trying DON’t just say OH they didn’t pick me Become that dog layin on a nail and go pout. THey may not pick me or pick you because of other reasons I am sure this is a rough decision they are having to make. Im sure there is alot of advil being consumed right now. SO keep that in mind. I don’t really know what they are looking for in their design team here. I know big names have applied and Yeah at first I was let down by that. BUT hey.. THAT IS AWESOME THat means this place is so KICKIN everyone wants to be a part! If I do get picked then WOW! IF I DONT I am still a part of this place and honored to be there. I may not be ready for that in my life yet. BUT the friend’s I have made there, The people I wouldnt have met If they didnt have this huge call is unbelievable and the love I have for this is not gonna change. I will still be there regardless and Ya know what… you never know what life deals..what if one of the people cant fullfill their obigations as a design team member? They may just remember some of us NOT so big names that are steady and true along the way. ATTITUDE is everything. NOt to mention my overwhelming good looks and charm and wit IF that dont clinch the deal for them then HEY… It aint gonna happen GOOD luck to everyone and I expect to see ALL OF YOU NO matter the outcome YA HEAR? GO scrap something GO ON… get up from the computer…~ muah


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