WELL who woulda ever thunk it!

I am in a state of shock yall! I got this rockin letter from legacy magazine. Seems SOMEONE sent a tray that I made to them for a submission for me and THEY WANT IT. (no Im not mad at you for doing that it was really sweet and I thank you for it) Yeah, Imagine my total shock when I got the letter. Now, My dilema is: I made the tray for another site that I am a designer for. SOOO of course my first obligation is to them. BUT, can you imagine. Here I am a nobody and all of a sudden I have a piece that 2 places want!! (where is my mouth hanging open like a fly catcher blinkie at?) I woulda never thunk it! Not in a million years. I guess the honor alone is at least kill over(shocking) to me. SO I sent a reply back to legacy and told them my dilema and that I appreciate the offer but since I had made the item for a specific task on a site that I am a designer for I have my first obligation with them. I NEVER IN A KABILLION years thougth I would be turning down A MAGAZINE TO PUBLISH MY WORK…. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO. It will end tomorrow IM TELLING YOU GUYS! I am on such a roll right now I PRAY I never get off this roller coaster. My sister in law keeps telling me it is Karma and it is my turn. wow. I think it is amazing. You never know.. Legacy may want it bad enough to wait a while for it.. we will see what they sayor if they even reply. I need to get going on another design team. I put in for bliss but IM not gonna hold my breath. THERE ARE SOME AMAZING people, big time pub’d, people applying there and I doubt they are gonna pass them up! BUT, I need the challenge of it, and it is another rockin place. I don’t wanna over extend but I do so much better when I have tasks and deadlines. (and cool product to work with) I LOVE being a designer for scrappy chick and so excited and honored to do it! AWESOME people there amazing talent I feel like a crayon at a oil paint convention compared to those ladies omg they are amazing! BUT, IT helps having the deadlines and the tasks. I need the excitement and I need to scrap. I get out of my box more and make myself do things I wouldnt normally do. It keeps my mind busy and my hands working. What about you? what helps you get going on scrapping? WHat makes you get things done?
I know I have alot coming up though health wise but man I can sit in bed with the lap top and post away. There is so much more to being ona design team than posting layouts. It is chatting with others. Making people feel welcomed and comfortable somewhere they can hang out find a friend to scrap with. I bet there are lots of scrappers out there like me that suffer from ailments that don’t getout and scrap that often at crops etc and they LOVE the online life of being able to interact at will with other scrappers! I LOVE it and I can scrap in my pj’s and not worry about my hair rofl! I mean my gosh nat’l sb day I scrapped from bed with shingles ROFL… (can you say I LOOKED LIKE QUASSIMOTTO FROM HUNCHBACK!) Now that is a true scrapbooker my friend!!!
Meanwhile. I HAVE a HUGE to do list tomorrow. I MUST go to hobby lobby I have like a tiny tiny bit of adhesive left and it is getting serious (the fact they have a 40% off coupon helps loads too haha esp with John keeping me on the we aint got no money diet I mean budget ) I have to get this card box (see previous posts) to shannon’s mom. (yall pray for her as she is undergoing her treatments for cancer she is feeling really icky right now and in the hospital. I have to call the dr office about my surgery to find out what progress was made with the insurance company and if my records made it there yet. Bella has school tomorrow because it is show and tell/pajama day and she sooo wants to go. I was gonna keep her with me but we decided she could go for most of the day. I have another project I need to work on anyway. I hope I am not forgettting anything I need to get my planner finished so I can have my list made out. I DO SO Much better with a list. what about you? DO You make lists? ( I love marking off tasks accomplished how much does that rock!!) I did catch up on my posting at www.scrapthatmoment.com tonight. Now I gotta go catch up the others! I NEED A HAIR CUT IN THE MOST HORRIBLE WAY. It is growing all catawompas in from when I had to take that chemotherapy treatment back last year and is still all growing back in and stuff it really didnt fall out much just broke off and looked eww but it is growing back different lengths.. is freaky and sticking up like a rooster on crack right now. well Im off.. to go read this letter from legacy one more time but beam at knowing im gonna have the piece published in Scrappychick (if yall havent seen that magazine you MUST see it at www.scrappychick.com they are the ROCKINEST Chicks I have ever met! I also have a pub in www.scrapstreet.com magazine in august I still dont know who made cover yet but she told me I was in a running for it so Im like flippin excited for that! I am diva of the month at www.untamedscrapper.com you will see my smilin face on the COVER of THE VIEW there this month stop bye and wave at us! I have an article that will go in next months view there also… still have the Hobby lobby pub coming up too with an older layout of Bella at the pumpkin patch SO GOOD THINGS are happnin’ here! I am living proof you guys NEVER EVER GIVE UP! keep posting keep creating and if you really have it in your heart and it is what the good lord wants you to do THERE WILL BE A WAY! He is throwin doors open all over the place at me right now with HUGE BLINKIN LIGHTS saying HELLOOO ENTER HERE!!!!! I just gotta get off my butt and stagger through it!


5 thoughts on “WELL who woulda ever thunk it!

  1. I thought you were going to jump through my phone when you called. That would have been just fine by the way.. What a time we would have together… lolI am so excited for you with all the amazing things happening to you. As they should by the way… I love your art and I think everyone should see..What makes me get off my butt and start creating??? I will have to get back to you on that…

  2. Congratulations on your submission, that is awesome especially when it is such a surprise for you. Thankyou for visiting my blog and for your nice comments, Jeanne is unreal isn’t she. Carole.

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