WILL IT EVER END!!!! I have a dadgum abcess in my back top tooth in between two teeth. seems there was a crack in it and something got in it and it got infected. SOOOO now they want to get the infection out before doing surgery cuz if the abcess leaks and gets in the blood stream while under this anesthesia it can cause a heart attack (that is the most severe there are other minor things that could happen but this is me we are talking about Id probly fall out and just ALMOST die and be a vegetable the rest of my life.. like bob the tomatoe but not as animated. SOOOO here we go again. The insurance company is giving us the run around they want to do the surgery at SPringhill (duh?) because it is cheaper…. HUH? Yeah I wanna save money but ughmm not on surgery is where I wanna cut a corner ok!!! All my “ologist” are at Providence, NOW wouldn’t it make sense to have the surgery there where everyone is located? HELLOOOO makes you wonder if there are any lights on upstairs!! GEEZ. SOOooo anyway.
Finishing up my projects for Scrappychic magazine ( hopefully mine will get picked (I hope so Im driving myself to the brink of insanity over them) so we will see. You should go check em out they have a BEAUTIFUL top notch site going on. Im honored to be a designer for them. OK I gotta go cook Bella some “chick Al aye” (she calls all chicken nuggets chick fil a) and PRAY TO GOD she takes a nap cuz I sure need one. MUUUAAAAHHH and OH by the way. HUGE shout out to jeanne today HOPE your feeling better my friend and your jaws arent hurting. just bite the bullet and get it done.. You will feel better in the long run I KNOW it stinks right now but hey you can call me we can cry together rofl!


4 thoughts on “YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME

  1. Hugs to you dear Nancy! I hate that everything keeps happening and being difficult. Someone is short a few fries in a happy meal… ugh. Insurance companies.. they just suck!Hope you are doing a bit better today…

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