Nuttin much

Not feeling really great today. I have an ovarian cyst. And when I get kidney stones OMG it really inflames it. I guess they touch or something but man it hurts. SO I was on the heating pad all day uploading. Took my Demrol and uploaded some layouts to where I am on the design team. GO CHECK OUT MY GALLERY. I just added alot of older layouts I did. BUT I have some newer ones on there too…. they are just further down the line. I know I KNOW but I tried to switch the order but It wont let me ::sigh:: Check out “The View” While your there too. It is our newsletter we publish through the site has some great tips etc in it. We went to eat with the neighbors tonight WITH THE neighbors Isnt that funny. No it is a cool little resteraunt that has like home cooking (awesome mac and cheese) John had helped the neighbors with some stuff they had helped us with some stuff so we went out to eat there cuz it is cheap cheap and SOOO GOOOOD. It is all you can eat for like 7 bucks I CANNOT FEED JOHN a meal for 7 bucks that he can get full on (my hubby is a big man) SO there ya go! I have alot of posting catching up to do on some other sites as well. I just havnt felt good and got alot going on. What? How am I liking my new car? How sweet of you to ask…. ITS OK. It is a car. IT ISNT MY TRUCK:: pout:: and since IT WAS ALMOST PAID FOR it would have been great so Im still pouting. Yeah I KNOW I got a new car I should be happy but we have 5 years of payments also… now I gotta eventually find a job (that sux dont it) and Bella cant go to school but a couple days of week cuz we cant afford it and the new car and the insurance and paying off the medical bills soooooooo. SInce I had to have a new car cuz my truck would have cost us more in the long run…. IM sitting home. AHH it is good for me. My house is getting organized and the living room is cleaner than it has ever been (i took all bellas toys and threw em in her room said THERE KEEP EM IN THERE NOW) didnt work but I tried rofl OK I gotta go lay down Im getting dizzy. muuuuah GO check out my gallery at untamed! DONT FORGET OK? OK!!! AND IM looking for a cool DT to be on so. Lemme know if you know of anyone looking 🙂


3 thoughts on “Nuttin much

  1. sorry you aren’t feeling well and I am with you on the newer car thing and payment. My van which was a 2005 WAS paid for and then because my daddy got sick I HAD to have a 4 whell dirve. SO now we have another payment and I just HATE it, GRRR.

  2. That was suposed to say we went to NEIGHBORS resteraunt WITH the neighbors. ROFL I guess yall really thought the demrol was working huh? ROFLDr refilled my demrol today said GOOD LUCK pass the stones (yeah for moral support huh) and said to come in wed if no better… AHHHHHHH WHAT IS NO BETTER THAN THIS rofl I cant imagine worse. sigh.. always something but THANK GOD It is just stones and a cyst and not something serious 🙂 COULD ALWAYS Be worse. Just dissapointed I cant take Bella to the library tomorrow 😦 She was so looking forward to it but I cant pikc her up I cant lift anything barely over the size of a glass without aching. Oh well next week it will be there.

  3. Oh you poor thing. I feel your pain. I get ovarian cysts too and they are horrible! I hope you get feeling better baby. And the LO’s are fabulous!

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