so whats the big deal?

OK so they are making a big hype about it being 06-06-06 .. yeah it is kinda creepy but my big question is 1. DO THEY NOT READ THE BIBLE.. yeah yeah yeah NOT THE PART about the 666 but the other parts tooo! LIKE NO ONE WILL KNOW when the lord comes back it will be as a theif in the night etc and so on? WELL I do not think we will be able to predict! 2. IF say it was to happen? what about time zones? WHen they say at 6:06 the end will come.. will it be central standard time? what about over seas? Will the end come there the day before? what about hawaii? will it be the day after? I have too many questions for their so called Scholars on this….. I would hope if it were to be in the “time zones” we would have some suspicion it was coming but I DONT THINK SO. ON THAT NOTE we are out of here! We are going to the GREAT AMERICAN SCRAPBOOKS CONVENTION WHEWHEWHEW! we are teaching some AMAZING cute and awesome classes YOU MUST COME BY AND SAY HELLO AND SEE IF YOU ARE THERE!!! IT will be so much fun! Bella is going to have a great time with “Aunt Biz” that is all she is talking about and going “fwimin” IM gonna miss her so much THis is the LONGEST I have been without my baby! Im gonna have to kiss her a million times before I leave. I have been longer without my hubby and that was so hard! I m gonna miss him so, but, I have him a huney do list while I am gone so Im sure he is happy were leaving to give him a break haha. He can watch real tv No dora!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY!!! muaah! SO pray for us pullin the uhaul in the predicted RAIN STORMS we will be driving through (lord we pray for safety) and pray we sell everything! Wouldnt that rock! I pray for a successful show as well! I REALLY pray all our kit supplies get their in time (Thank you wendy at Scenic route YOU ROCK) SO any way Talk to you all when we get back and will have lots of photos yipeee! I havn’t had time to post much lately been working on these kits. HI to all my Bliss girls and my “safe girls” and the “DIVAs” I will be back soon MUUUAAAHHHHH! big hugs and love and say a prayer! We could be the three musketeers (my hubby said OR THE THREE STOOGES!) OK so he knows me so well. IM waving at yall!


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