Ms paper arts closing :(

WELL I don’t believe it BUT I KNOW it must happen IM sad but Im happy IM mixed in emotion. Mississippi paper arts.. the physical store is going out of business…. I knew it was going to happen. SHe is pregnant and going through alot right now and she just can’t do it all. SHe wants to focus on the web business and make the web site rockin and get the store hoppin’. I support her completely. Plus she needs to be home with her kids and the new baby coming. The dr is putting her on bed rest and it is hard to run a store from a bed behind the register. IF I didnt live in Alabama I would run it for her. Heck I even thought of buying it myself but I know physically I just cannot do it. My health goes through goods and bads and I know the stress and I DONTWANNA. SOOoooooOOooooooo…. IM gonna do her last blast crop for her. I have to be up there anyway with all the family stuff that has been happening (and what else do I have to do these days) Bella and I are leaving in the morning. We have to help carrie with some stuff anyway so why not let the grammas REVEL in their joy of seeing the grandbaby and me stay out of their hair and at my one true love. Mspaperarts. YES her online store is gonna stay open and YES she will still do conventions and YES the online site will still be rockin as usual. JUSt there wont be a physical store anymore. SO YOU MIGHT wanna check out her site she has SOOOO MUCH STUFF marked down IT IS INCREDIBLE! check it out at just tell em nancy sent ya 😉


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