"jeanne" Challenge

Well, This is as close as I could get to a crooked picture for you. She wanted her picture made but WOULD NOT BESTILL. SO this is gonna have to work for this week. She is such a mess. BUt always looks so sweet and precious in those pearls and bows. (of course like her mother hahahaha)


4 thoughts on “"jeanne" Challenge

  1. Okay that picture is just precious.. You did an awesome job. Now make sure you do a beautiful layout with that picture…Next… WHAT THE HECK DID YOU TO YOUR BLOG????? I am the blonde one here… You can’t do things like that only I can… Oh boy This is going to take awhile to fix.. UGH… What am I to do with you.. Good thing I like you! lol

  2. OK so IM NOT BLONDE but I HAVE NOOOO IDEA WHAT I DID…. the slider thing…well… ROFL HEY I TRIED rofl dont I get points for effort :)I figured My dear, SWEET friend jeanne would be able to fix it ROFLI tried to put my links in to other blogs and Now … well you can see stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE and the slider thing is all over the place….I have Noo clue what I did OH YES I DO I READ THE DIRECTIONSSSSSSguess what they dont work unless youknow what they mean I supose ::SIGH:: thank GOD for Jeanne ROFL

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